Friday, 20 September 2013

Dear Diasporians,

Are  you  a  small  upcoming  business and  want  to  showcase  your  trade ? .We  have a  special  price  for  a  table  for  you .
At this Expo, we are hopeful to bring to you, genuine foreign businesses that will improve the GDP of our country, generate new businesses and employment for citizens and assist the   government in delivering democratic dividends to her citizens. We hope to positively impact on the Internally and Externally generated revenue , make available through this exhibition, various opportunities and options to all stakeholders as regards what they can benefit and establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with well acclaimed international companies.
Also to be expected is a presentation of Tanzania’s potentials to would-be foreign investors, who will be coming in from all over the place including United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China Japan, India, Pakistan and several other countries of the world. But   above  all,  it’s  an  opportunity  for  you  as  a  Diasporian  to  flex your  muscle  by  showcasing  our  might
It will also give opportunities for Businesses to:
·         Have access to several organisations to meet directly with various business people and foreign partners.
·         International Buyers of Commodities & Produce
·         Service Providers who are interested in doing Business in Tanzania
·         Tanzania  governments  that  want to  recruit  from  the  diaspora
·         Members of   the  Tanzania  Government
We are  very  keen and  committed  to  support   and  develop  Tanzania  together  and  we  welcome  any suggestions , Exhibition, Sponsorship and  partnerships proposals .

  •  Brand mention in all TV promos and media name and Logo of brand on publicity materials, company advert and description on event brochure, venue branding and a table branded by and reserved for the company, advert on event website and blog.
  •     Name and brand logo on selected publicity materials ,company adverts and description on every brochure ,company advert on event website and blog , Table branding and reserve for the company 

For more details contact Tel +44 7960811614 Email:

Signing of Minutes of Meetings between
the African Union Commission and Japan International Cooperation Agency
on the Japanese Technical Cooperation for the
Project on Capacity Building for Kaizen Generalization on AUC

Description: 2013 September 19 Signing AU-Japan (1)The African Union Commission (AUC) led by Mrs. Rekia MAHAMOUDOU, ِAg.Director of the Administration and Human Resources Management, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) led by Mr Toru HOMMA, Senior Advisor, held a ceremonial signing of the Minutes of Meetings on the Japanese technical cooperation for “the Project on Capacity Building for Kaizen Generalization on AUC”, on 19th September 2013, at AUC. This is the first technical cooperation project to be implemented between AUC and JICA.

Description: 2013 September 19 Signing AU-Japan (2)Since October 2009, the AUC has been practicing Kaizen activities. The “Departmental Business Plan 2013-2016” of the Bureau of the Deputy Chairperson designated the Kaizen approach as a way to achieve one of the priority areas of the AUC’s Strategic Plan 2014-2017; “Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Union and All its Organs”. In order to further improve the quality of AUC’s services provided to its member states and stakeholders, the AUC requested the Government of Japan to support the application of Kaizen approach throughout the organization. In this connection, JICA dispatched a detailed planning survey mission headed by Mr Toru HOMMA, from 8th September to 21st September, to formulate the project design. As a result of the survey and a series of discussions between the AUC and the mission, and a strong support and commitment of the Deputy Chairperson, H.E. Erastus J.O. MWENCHA, the both sides agreed on the conclusion of the Minutes of Meetings.
The project aims to establish Kaizen culture within AUC through the strengthening of the capacity of the “Kaizen Unit” responsible for promoting continuous implementation of Kaizen activities. The Kaizen Unit will be established in October 2013, and the project is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2014. The project is also to realize one of the Japan’s commitments to contribute to Yokohama Action Plan, adopted in June 2013, of Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) V, which was co-organized by Japan, AUC and others.
KAIZEN is a Japanese business philosophy and approach, meaning “continuous improvement” that promotes quality and productivity improvement as well as Human Resources Development. It is implemented to improve an organization’s efficiency by standardizing working procedures and eliminating wasteful activities through the collective efforts of its managers and staff. Kaizen is a universally-accepted value and is practiced throughout the world including Asia and currently Africa as well.