Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kwa Watanzania Wote UK
Watanzania waishio UK mnaombwa kushirikiana kwa kuhudhuria hafla fupi ya kujitolea (harambee) kwa ajili ya kusaidia shughuli za usafirishaji na maziko ya watanzania wenzetu (Fredrick Mtoi na Mariagoreth Ndagio) vilivyotokea London na Luton.

Muda: Saa 11 jioni.
Siku: Alhamisi, 29 Nov.
Mahali: Tanzania High C  omission UK
3 Stratford Place Marylebone
WC1  1AS. London

Ushirikiano wako ndiyo mafanikio ya shughuli hii muhimu. Kama hutaweza kuhudhuria tafadhali tuma mchango wako kwenye account ya Jumuiya:
TA (Tanzania Association)
Sort Code: 40 05 26
A/C:  41 22 96 72

Jumla ya mchango utakaopatikana utagawanywa sawa kwa wahusika wa pande zote mbili. Iwapo ungependa mchango wako uelekezwe kwenye familia mojawapo tu, tafadhali bainisha kwa kuambatanisha ujumbe (simple note).
Asanteni kwa ushirikiano wenu

Tanzania National Associations (TANZ) UK

Monday, 26 November 2012

Leo Tarehe 26 Novemba 2012, Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Uingereza, Mhe. Peter Kallaghe amempokea na kumkaribisha Waziri wa Maji  Mhe. Jumanne Maghembe na ujumbe wake kutoka Mamlaka ya Udhibiti wa Huduma za Nishati na Maji (EWURA) katika Ofisi za Ubalozi hapa nchini Uingereza.  Mheshimiwa Maghembe na ujumbe wake uko nchini Uingereza kwa ziara rasmi ya kikazi na ya kiserikali. Ujumbe huo, ukiongozwa na Mhe. Maghembe, utapata fursa ya kutembelea Makampuni, Taasisi mbalimbali za kiserikali na binafsi zinazoshughulika na utoaji wa huduma ya Nishati  na Maji hapa Uingereza, vilevile Ujumbe huo utafanya majadiliano na Viongozi Wakuu katika Sekta hiyo ya Nishati na Maji kwa nia ya kupata ushauri wa Kitaalam wa kutafuta njia zaidi za kuboresha utoaji wa huduma hizo nchini kwetu Tanzania.

Mheshimiwa Balozi Kallaghe, alitumia fursa hiyo kumfahamisha Mhe. Waziri Maghembe maendeleo ya kazi za Diplomasia ambazo Ubalozi unafanya kwa niaba ya serikali nchini Uingereza.  Kwa upande wake Mheshimiwa Waziri Maghembe, alielezea mafanikio ya serikali katika kuwapatia wananchi huduma ya maji na juhudi zinazoendelea kufanywa kuondoa tatizo la Maji na kuhakikisha tatizo hilo linakuwa historia nchini Tanzania.

Waziri Maghembe anaongoza ujumbe wa Tanzania katika mazungumzo na viongozi wakuu wa sekta ya Nishati na Maji nchini Uingereza yenye lengo la . Aidha ujumbe huo wa Tanzania, ukiongozwa na Mheshimiwa Waziri  Maghembe utamaliza ziara yake nchini Uingereza siku ya Alhamis, tarehe 29 Novemba 2012.

Mheshimiwa Waziri Maghembe, pamoja na Mheshimiwa Balozi Kallaghe, wakiwa kwenye picha ya pamoja na Ujumbe wa kutoka Mamlaka ya Udhibiti wa Huduma za Nishati na Maji (EWURA) na baadhi ya Maofisa wa Ubalozi hapa London.



Sunday, 18 November 2012

  1. sauti Mjadala mkali katiika kikao cha kufunga bunge la 10 Tanzania
  2. Uganda yafunga mpaka wake na DRC.
  3. sauti Uchaguzi mkuu Marekani: Bunge labaki vile vile
  4. Obama asitisha kwa muda uteuzi wa Allen
  5. Polisi 30 wauwawa katika shambulizi la kushtukiza Ken
  6.  UN success is measured on how many lives we change positively, says DSG Jan Eliasso
  7.  Addis Ababa, 15 November 2012 (ECA) - The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Jan Eliasson, today in Addis Ababa urged UN agencies and organizations working in Africa to measure their success  by how useful  their action is to the development of Africans on the ground.
Addressing a press conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr. Jan Eliasson said “everything we do must be measured based  how it makes life easier for the local people”, according to ECA’s Information and Communication Service at a world press conference addressed by him, Mr. Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission and Carlos Lopes, ECA's Executive Secretary and UN Under Secretary-General.
The press conference came at the end of two days of deliberations by members of the UN Regional Coordination Mechanism (RCM-Africa) of UN assistance to the African Union and its NEPAD programme.
 Mr. Eliasson recalled his past experiences in Africa, refuting media insinuations that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been a flop on the Continent.
“Although some targets of the MDGs (especially goals in the health sector) will not be achieved by many African countries, a lot of progress has been made in the areas of primary education by several nations”, he said.
“Between 1990 and 2008, Africa made remarkable progress primary school enrollment, especially the enrollment of girls”, he pointed out.
“Of course, what remains to be done is to strengthen the secondary and technical schools sectors, so that pupils can get better prepared for gainful employment. This is what would help in the fight against unemployment and drive development”, he explained.
He urged African governments to fully integrate sustainability measures in all their development planning because there is no “Planet B”. "We need to contend with scarce resources, water stress/scarcity, environmental degradation and so on, and prepare for them. It is not about going to "Plan B"; it is planning as if we understand their is no Planet B"
Respond to a question on what would become of the MDGs that have not been achieved after the 2015 deadline, Mr. Eliasson said while some processes on the post-2015 development agenda are ongoing, "ultimately, it would be up to member States to decide  on a development framework."
Speaking earlier, Mr. Mwencha recounted the expanding cooperation between UN institutions and the African Union Commission, describing it as multifaceted and exemplary.
To a reporter who questioned the UN implementation capacity of African Union projects, especially the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), the Deputy Chair of the Commission analyzed all the sectors of AU interventions and said the UN has nearly always been at the strategic planning level.
Expanding on Mr. Eliasson's response, the ECA boss, Mr. Lopes explained the central coordinating and planning role of ECA  within the framework of the ECA/AUC/AfDB Joint Secretariat which is hosted at the ECA.
“PIDA is strongly supported by the Secretariat. But it should be borne in mind that the UN is not a funding agency. We support with concrete analytical and policy studies”, Mr. Lopes said.
 On the role of the UN in the unfolding crisis in Mali, Mr. Eliasson announced that there will be a report to update the General Assembly on the situation by the end of this month but reiterated the UN’s choice is to see a political resolution of the conflict.
He said that although there are plans for a military intervention, the UN would always prefer a political solution. “Before the UN takes a military action, or decides on one, we always analyze the humanitarian, legal, as well as human rights issues”, he said.
Journalists were also interested in the situation in Gaza, Darfur., Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, as well as in Ethiopia. Mr. Eliasson clarified the UN’s position in each of these cases but did not go into any expression of personal opinion.
Following opening statements of the 13th Session of the RCM yesterday, high-level panelists made illuminating contributions on the various aspects of the Post-2015 Development Agenda as they pertain to Africa.
The conclusions of the discussions will be tabled as inputs for the on-going consultations on Post-2015 Development Agenda for Africa.
RCM-Africa is the implementing organ of the UN Ten Year Capacity Building Programme for the AU, (TYCBP-AU), working through nine clusters aligned to the priorities of the African Union and its NEPAD programme. In this regard, the 13th session will review how well the clusters have done in supporting the AU and NEPAD.
RCM-Africa is co-chaired by Deputy Chairperson of AUC, Mr. Erastus Mwencha, and UN Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Jan Eliasson.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Support EDM 683!
Join new campaign to tackle child poverty and defend our entitlements!

Dear friends,
On 5 November John McDonnell MP tabled an Early Day Motion (below) welcoming two extraordinary bills in the US Congress which aim to eliminate child poverty and support mothers’ caring work. Ten MPs from different parties have already signed it.
For the first time since the US brought in draconian welfare reform in 1996, there are proposals that are not divisive or punitive. We need similar legislation to protect our rights in the UK.
Contact your MP. Urge them to sign EDM 683 now and get back to us. This is just the beginning of a much wider campaign.
Join us now.


Session: 2012-13
Date tabled: 05.11.2012
Primary sponsor: McDonnell, John
Sponsors: Dobbin, Jim; Durkan, Mark; Hopkins, Kevin; Meale, Alan;
Shannon, Jim
Signatories as of 15.11.2012: Bottomley, Peter (C); Caton, Martin (L); Dobbin, Jim (L); Durkan, Mark (SDLP); Galloway, George (R); Hopkins, Kelvin (L); McDonnell, John (L); Meale, Alan (L); Ritchie, Margaret (SDLP); Shannon, Jim (SDLP); Sharma, Virendra (L)
That this House welcomes two bills presently in the US Congress, the Rise Out of Poverty Act (RISE Act) and the Women's Option to Raise Kids Act (WORK Act), which make the elimination of child poverty the first priority of welfare policy and recognise the right of all mothers, including those on welfare, to choose to raise their own children; believes that the UK would benefit from a similar policy since four million UK children, one in three, are living in poverty; notes that raising children is hard work without which society and the economy could not function; deplores that the primary carers of children, usually mothers, are demeaned as workless unless they do waged work; rejects workfare that forces mothers and others to work for well below the minimum wage to keep their benefits, inviting employers to bypass both the minimum wage and pay equity; considers that contempt for mothers presumes contempt for the children they care for; rejects attempts to limit child benefits to the first two children while dismissing additional children as extra; and reaffirms humanity's assumption that every child is precious not only to their parents but to all society, and that every primary carer is entitled to resources and support for their invaluable caring work.

Why we support EDM 683
This government of millionaires is blaming single mothers, people who are sick or have a disability, pensioners living ‘too long’ and immigrants for the lack of jobs, the unaffordable houses, the low pay. They are using the deficit as an excuse to take our jobs, lower our wages, cap and cut our benefits and services, and drive us out of our homes, while they get millions in bonuses and pay no tax.
In the last three years the richest 1,000 people (0.003% of the adult population) have increased their wealth by £155bn – enough to pay off the entire UK deficit with £30bn to spare. They can afford to pay for the deficit they have caused – why is the Government shielding them?
Thirteen million people live below the poverty line in the UK. With the welfare reform to be brought in next April, thousands who are homeless or can no longer afford the rent are expected to be relocated out of our neighbourhood and even our city, away from our family, friends and support networks – single mothers and people of colour whose incomes are generally lower, will be disproportionately affected. One in five mothers already skips meals in order to ensure her children don’t go hungry.
Ending poverty is key to economic and social justice in every area: our right to have children or not; a living wage, pensions and disability benefits; pay equity; breastfeeding support; healthy food; free public health care; preventing our children being taken into care; protection from rape and domestic violence, and racist attacks, including on asylum seekers, LGBT people and others; stopping mothers and low income people being jailed; halting the rise in prostitution for survival and the criminalisation of sex workers . . .
Our planet is on the brink of destruction – every year more droughts, storms, heat waves, flooding . . . While the free market and its wars push us to the point of no return, they treat the melting ice caps as a new opportunity to drill for oil! Their greed is suicidal. Those of us who live in countries of the South are the first and the worst affected – but as flooding in the UK and Hurricane Sandy prove, no one is immune.
Demanding resources for mothers and other caregivers, and for those we care for, is ecological and anti-war: it redirects economic and social policies towards caring for people and the planet.
If the UK government is going to copy the US, let them copy these bills. Invest in caring, not killing!

EDM 683 is part of an international campaign

Find out more about the US bills and the campaign to get them passed:

Issued by:
Global Women’s Strike and Women of Colour in the GWS
Single Mothers’ Self-Defence

Friday, 16 November 2012

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You are invited to attend:

Hope Powell speaks at YES! Africa - Youth Enterprise & Sport for Change

Thursday, November 22, 2012 from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

We are thrilled to have Hope Powell CBE, the coach of the England Women's national football team, as the keynote speaker at this high energy event to launch YES! Africa the IVJ leadership programme in Kenya.
YES! Africa brings young people together through social enterprise and sport to develop their leadership potential and bring about lasting change in some of the most challenging regions of the world.
The Kenya project supports the Waithaka Soccer Queens, a group of over 40 destituute single mothers and young girls in Nairobi who make a powerful stand for gender equity and pursue their dream to play football on a national stage in spite of the challenges they face. They don't want charity - they want a fighting chance to tackle gender inequality and overcome poverty.
Learn about how you can work alongside these incredible girls on sustainable projects that make a lasting difference and develop your leadership skills.
Hope Powell CBE shares her own experience of overcoming the challenges of being a black woman leader in a whie male dominated world.

After a series of short rapid fire presentations the speakers will join your table, speed dating style, so that you get the chance to get up close and personal with the speakers and the issues.
5.30pm Drinks and Canapes
6.00pm Welcome and Introductions Chair - David Eade, Head of Student Employability and Enterprise, Nottingham Trent University
Speakers presentations
The Soccer Queens Project - Vennetta Johnston, Director IVJ
Keynote address; The courage to lead against the odds - Hope Powell CBE
Is charity good for Africa? - Roger Moors CEO Social Enterprise East Midlands
Student societies as agents of change - Prince Donkoh, President African and Caribbean Student Society
Engaging the African diaspora and international students  - Dr. Abiola Ogunsola - University of East London
7.00pm round table discussions  Facilitators Chris Hall and Vennetta Johnston
8.00pm Close

Click here for the YES! Africa volunteer programme brochure
Adams Room, Nottingham Conference Centre (Entrance on Burton Street)
Nottingham Trent University
Burton Street
Nottingham, Nottingham NG1 4BU