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kyeyo radio

Listen to Diaspora Radio:

Dear (Mr.) Ayub Mzee [A Friend in Solidarity],
I wish to register our sincere appologies for the belated delivery and invitation.

Otherwise Ugandan Diasporas are looking foward toinvite you to participate as key deligate and journalist too at the first ever UGANDAN DIASPORA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR DEVELOPMENT, SOLIDARITY AND DEMOCRACY to be held at University of East London - UK, on the 23rd August, 2008.

We also presume you're one of those interested to participate and want to steer African communities into a new direction and to greater horizons (realising the African Dream wherever every one is), launching this idea at this special occasion of the convention.

We hope that your participation and views will not only inspire the wider Social Development, Business, inter-Faith and Political Solidarity to Unleash Skills, Talents and Aspirations of ‘the Poor Majorities’ in Our Local Communities, Abroad and Home, but shall a go a long way to help Build for Unity in Diversity, Progress and Prosperity. Such inspiration is what we (the organisers) are looking for to make our people become positive, so as to join the progressive coalition for solidarity and development.

Background to the Convention:
Ugandan Diasporas under the framework for Human Development and Solidarity Foundation (HDSF), are launching a wider and concerted effort to give everyone the opportunity possible to fully participate and be heard on the various community, national and international issues, because we believe that in this quickly globalizing world, everyone's voice count.
It is in this vein, and at this critical time when Ugandans home and abroad face the greatest challenges to human survival, that an international convention has been organized and will be held at the University of East London, on the 23rd August, 2008.
Therefore, the Interim leadership of the HDSF has invited every one, every stakeholder (in their capacities as individuals, families or organisations that constitute the Ugandan business society, civil society, main-stream body politic and the fraternity of compassionate allies/friends of Uganda) to come and attend, participate, make their contribution and be heard. Most importantly, this prospect is intended to prepare a road map and stronger framework through which Ugandan Diasporas can contribute to enhance social justice, capabilities, innovation, opportunity - including the right to information and, to stake a firm voice and involvement in all development/Aid efforts.
HDSF therefore realizes the potential "a united and coherent Uganda Diaspora Community" can play in bringing about positive change in the livelihoods of our peasant majorities abroad and, Uganda in particular. That is why, on this same occasion HDSF will be marking the launch of a powerful Uganda Diaspora Community International Lobby and Network for Justice, Peace and Social Development. This network shall bring together Diaspora Ugandans and friends of Uganda (without discrimination across ethnicity, class, caste, age, gender and socio-economic backgrounds) in order to establish the badly needed 'effective platform for dialogue and positive networking' amongst Ugandan Diaspora Communities and people. After its launch, this platform is intended to become a permanent feature, and a think tank too, tasked to discuss/debate matters on the links between developing capabilities and widening opportunity through democratic social action with embedded transparency and accountability. It shall also provide diverse avenues for different forms of expression and modes of participation.
The convention is also part of HDSF's wider community activities to celebrate talents and achievement as we reflect on enhancing capabilities and opportunity, since the major migrant flows of Ugandans due to post-independent dictatorships, conflict and economic plunder. We therefore aim to encourage and celebrate community and individual aspiration, innovation and achievement by availing space (voice) and providing a platform to market and expose talents/skills/potential.
We also hope that yourself and other friends and sympathizers of our homeland (Uganda) have been waiting for such an opportunity to have a genuine and similar minded effective partner to work with in a concerted effort to secure 'project Uganda'. And that is why we need to grab the opportunity.
NB: We've planned a very exciting program at this inaugural convention, including programs for children and young adults. And one of our goals is to help reconnect second generation Ugandan-British, Ugandan-Europeans, Ugandan-Americans and Ugandan-Asians, to the homeland of their parents and grandparents. However every aspect of the convention is geared towards all those who are interested in human development and solidarity in general, as well as Uganda in particular, bringing together faith, business, civil and political groups.
Please, see attached a detailed agenda and program for the day.
For further information please contact the Convention Secretariat: Tel: +44(0)20 8595 3600; Mobile: +44(0)79 3922 7958; or email us.

Samuel W.M. Lubega [Convention Chair] and S. Lwetutte [Convention Secretary].



~.~ 23rd August, 2008: At UEL - Docklands Campus, London ~.~
Organized By
The Human Development and Solidarity Foundation Reg. No; 6637155
A Network of the Uganda Diaspora Community

Gives You


Conference participants:
The entire Ugandan Communities Fraternity, Diaspora Families and citizens of different Skills, Talents and Aspirations
The nexus of Social Development Practitioners, Business Leaders, Faith, politicians and other decision makers/Leaders, from the local Diaspora communities in the UK, Ireland, Europe, America, Canada and the Homeland (Uganda).

Come meet these hardworking "International Citizens" making a positive contribution (Building for Unity in Diversity, Progress and Prosperity) in their Local Communities, and the decision makers who have a combined purchasing power of over £1.25 billion* and contributing a record 3rd of Uganda's GDP – and now committing themselves to advance the Ugandan Diaspora Solidarity as a stimulant framework to unleash Skills, Talents and Aspirations of 'the Poor Majorities' Abroad and Home.


PARTICIPATE TO REACH NEW AUDIENCES, TARGET MARKETING & SPONSORSHIP OR SPONSORING OPPORTUNITIES, CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIPS AND SHARE INFORMATION with Influential Diaspora Ugandans, UK and International Friends of Uganda - advocates, volunteers, funders and elected officials.

Also; re
Come to Enjoy the Marketing Advantages

• Exhibit at the only international conference of this type in the UK.
• Gain exposure to your target market and potential buyers
• Meet key institutional decision makers who directly influence your livelihood, welfare, skills training and business opportunities
• Create brand and product, awareness to help increase your visibility and sales

This is an opportunity not to miss as we build our country and for our communities [especially the poor majorities] wherever they are. Please downloard attachments for details.

We're sure you will cease the moment and enjoy the occasion as well as the opportunity.

Hoping to see you then.
Yours in Solidarity for Development,

Samuel W. M. Lubega
[For Convention Secretariat]



Wednesday, 30 July 2008

global exchange

Global Xchange
DEC 2008 – FEB 2009

Newham we need your help. Can you offer..?
Volunteer Placements for counterpart pairs of volunteers for up to 10 weeks from beginning of December 2008 to mid February 2009.
Host Homes for one volunteer pair – an allowance of 85/week is provided & they can share a room.
Host home for one Nigerian programme supervisor
Venues such as community centres for a variety of events throughout the 3 months.
Community Action Days Ideas for community-based events for us to support or organise.
Local info and resources, handy hints and local contacts.
CALL 07866 754 121

Global Xchange in Newham
In Dec 2008, a team of 18 volunteers from varied backgrounds, recruited equally from the UK and Nigeria, will arrive in Newham to live and work for three months. Generating over 6000 hours of voluntary service to the community.
This will be the second time Newham has taken part in the exchange, run by VSO and the British Council since 1999.

They will live in cross-cultural pairs in host families and work for up to four days a week as volunteers with community organisations.
The volunteers will also be organising Community Action Days, where they will help to support or develop events in the community.

They will live and volunteer in a variety different types of host homes and volunteer placements to enhance their learning experience.

This may include volunteering in schools, campaigning, working with the mentally disabled or even taking part in manual labour.

On arrival to Newham the volunteers would have already completed the first phase of their programme in Akure Nigeria which runs
from 8th September to 29th November 2008, with a focus on education and climate change. They would have worked with a variety of NGOs and schools and lived with host families in Nigeria for 3 months.

Aims of Global Xchange
Promote Global Citizenship through an exchange of experiences, understanding & ideas.
Generate links and achieve lasting impacts within communities in the UK and overseas.
Empower young people from many different backgrounds with new skills, confidence and inspiration to go on to make positive contributions to the world.

What we have to offer..
18 motivated and enthusiastic volunteers offering hands-on fulltime help.
International perspectives – an input of different skills, ideas and culture.
Exposure for your organisation in the local media and across Newham.
Orientation and full programme briefing
Support from 2 programme supervisors

We are inviting you to be part of a great partnership working in your local community to create a better understanding in the wider world.

For more information please contact: Keisha Briggs
Global Xchange Programme Supervisor - Newham (UK) / Akure (Nigeria)
Tel: 07866 754 121


G8: The verdict

The 2008 G8 Summit acknowledged the importance of the water and sanitation sector
Credit: WaterAid
In early July the G8 leaders met for their annual summit, this year in Hokkaido, Japan.
We are pleased to report that WaterAid supporters' incredible campaigning efforts helped ensure that sanitation and water appeared on the agenda and were included in the leaders' final declaration.
The first faltering steps have been taken towards recognising their key role in reducing poverty – WaterAid and the End Water Poverty campaign were part of this.
However, the G8 didn't deliver what WaterAid is calling for as part of the End Water Poverty coalition. No global action plan, no global taskforce.
By the time the G8 next meet, in Italy 2009, around two million children will have died from entirely preventable diseases and billions of the world's poorest people will be left by their governments to live in squalor, disease and indignity.
The G8 have failed again to learn from history, experts and the poor themselves: tackling the sanitation and water crisis will hugely reduce global poverty.
Henry Northover, Head of Policy at WaterAid, said:
"The G8 leaders have committed themselves to review progress next year. There is now an opportunity to stress to the G8 the need for urgent attention on both water and sanitation in international development, and to end the woeful lack of progress on these most fundamental human rights.
"In the month that has seen emerging evidence that puts sanitation and water poverty as the biggest killers of children in the world, it is time that all leaders give these sectors the highest priority.”
So, what now?
We must continue to build public pressure ahead of the next major influencing opportunity, the UN High-Level MDGs meeting being held this September. WaterAid, through the growing End Water Poverty coalition, will lobby hard to ensure that sanitation and water is the central focus of the meeting.
The campaign continues because 2.5 billion people are still waiting for the world to act.Find out how you can take action
Festival events
Crowds enjoying the sun at Glastonbury Festival
Credit: WaterAid
Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts
Since 1994, WaterAid has been delighted to be one of the main charities supported by the world renowned Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, and its organiser Michael Eavis.
The event requires over one million gallons of water, and sanitation becomes a major concern when turning this 900 acre dairy farm into a gigantic, bustling tented city.
Find out more about what we got up to at the 2007 festival - and stay tuned for news of WaterAid at Glasto '08...
WOMAD - World of Music and Dance
In 2005, WaterAid was once again a major presence at the WOMAD festival in Reading. For the fifth year running, the weekend provided a wonderful opportunity to engage with the public and help spread WaterAid's messages of the need for clean water and effective sanitation for all.

Schools and Young people
Find out about the work we do with schools and young people.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

kenya airways

Mheshimiwa Spika,
Nimepokea taarifa ya kifo cha Mbunge wa Tarime,kupitia Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo, (CHADEMA)Mheshimiwa Chacha Zakayo Wangwe kwa masikitiko makubwa.Kupitia kwako, napenda unifikishie rambirambi zangu za dhati kwa wabunge wa Bunge lako Tukufu kwa kumpoteza mbunge mwenzao katika kipindi hiki ambacho wako katika kutekeleza majukumu yao waliyotumwa na Watanzania,ya uwakilishi.
Kwa masikitiko makubwa napenda kutoa salamu zangu za pole kwa wana familia,ndugu, wananchi wa Jimbo la Tarime,wanachama wa Chama cha Maendeleo na Demokrasia (CHADEMA)na Watanzania wote.Kifo huleta masikitiko na majonzi mengi katika familia na jamii, naungana nanyi ndugu zanguni katika kipindi hiki kigumu cha majonzi na maombolezo,Mwenyezi Mungu awape imani na subira katika kipindi hiki kigumu na huku tukimuombea ndugu yetu, Chacha Wangwe mapumziko mema peponi.Amina.
Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete


The Black History Foundation is currently revamping, redeveloping and transforming its website in order to ensure it is the first point of reference in reference to black heritage. We are looking for writers & journalists to join us on our journey to becoming the number one Black British Portal. We are looking for contributions in the form of interviews, articles, poetry, stories, features and reviews centred on black heritage and culture. If you have a passion for black culture/heritage and have good writing skills this is the perfect opportunity to expose your skills. Gain valuable writing experience whilst building up your profile and contributing to this exciting transformation.

Work experience relating to event management and Black History/heritage projects are also available.

ABOUT US: The Black History Foundation is a national organisation, established to act as an influential vehicle which actively encourages, inspires and empowers individuals to recognise that Black Heritage is their heritage too.

In 1997, a group of dynamic, committed and passionate individuals came together to ensure that Black Heritage was no longer marginalised. BHF began by facilitating the establishment and development of Black History Month. It has now become a nationally recognised lobbying body and advocate for Black Heritage. BHF remains committed to unearthing our hidden histories while preserving and maintaining its legacy.
BHF is committed to the following Organisational Values:
To promote a Black History advocacy role in supporting communities, organisations and networks to archive the black communities contribution to society
To develop, promote and co-ordinate Black History Month through a program of activities which demonstrates the significance of the black contribution to local culture, economy and the wider society
To increase the local, national and international profile of black historical contribution
To build and maintain an archive of the impact, experience and contribution of Black people
To formulate and establish an infrastructure, which ensures that Black contribution to society is part of mainstream culture acknowledgement and celebration
To ensure that Black culture is viewed and utilised as an asset in advancing both socio-economic growth and mobility of black communities
To become a contributor for the Black History Foundation please email a piece of your writing to the contact details provided below with your name, age, occupation and a brief summary of the areas your interested in contributing to.

Thank You

Daniella Genas

Project Manager
Black History Foundation
Direct Line: 0121 212 9658
Mail Tel: 0121 212 9911
Email: daniella@blackhisto ryfoundation. com
Portman House, 5-7 Temple Row West, Birmingham. B2 5NY.
My guests today in the studio are the Uyghurs people from China

The Uyghurs of East Turkestan, a region in the northwest China, are yet another of the numerous ethnic nationalities within China heavily persecuted by Chinese authorities

According to them ,Despite widespread oppression, including incidences of harassment, intimidation, repression of religious practices, arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial executions, the Uyghur community remains firmly committed to non-violence, as well as to the protection and promotion of human rights and democracy.
IT IS BELIEVED THAT The Uyghurs are under greater pressure than any other ethnic minority because the government sees them not only as potential protesters but also as potential terrorists. The entire Uyghur population is often seen as a security threat, even though only a tiny fraction have been involved in radical or separatist activities
On the occasion of the impending arrival of the Olympic Torch in East Turkestan (as known Xinjiang Uyghur Autonom Region), Chinese authorities are trying to use this event to conceal the widespread discontentment of Uyghurs with the totalitarian Chinese regime by creating a false atmosphere of “harmonious society” and to mislead the world community about continued, massive and systematic violations of human rights in East Turkestan. The World Uyghur Congress has recently learned that authorities have closely monitored all activities of Uyghurs carried out on the occasion of the Olympic Torch Relay in East Turkestan

The exec Gov of kwara state adressing his people

Under the Freedom of Information Act the Home Office has released information on the: 'Asylum cases under the fast-track scheme, including policy on women under threat.'View and download the information at:

Monday, 28 July 2008

Dr.Bukola Saraki, The Executive Governor donated 20,000 Dollars to the Kwara Association Uk



The Education Strategic Plan (ESP) supports the approach of a State Ministry of Education Science and Technology (SMOES&T) to develop Education through a whole, or sector wide approach (Swap). Within the Swap, responsibility for sector planning rests with the State Government. The ESP is a forward-looking plan, based on declared targets and policies that will assist in delivering of the state’s reform agenda, the State Economic Empowerment Strategy, (SEEDS) for social development and poverty reduction through enhanced activities in the education sector. DETAILS


The Kwara State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (KWASEEDS) represents Government's committment to transforming the State. It is a strategy designed to promote human development, economic growth and good governance as thematic objectives and constituted a new social contract between the people and their elected government, with a view to enhancing the quality of life of the population, especially the poor and vulnerable. Click the links below to get details.


PART I - Introduction

PARTII - Human Development Agenda/Empowering People

PARTIII - Growing the Private Sector

PARTIV - Reforming Government and its Institutuions

Irrigated Rice Production

This administration had invested a N100m to revive the irrigation scheme at Duku-Lade. And under a public-Private partnership, the government invited Masers Vee Tee Rice of India, under the name of Ofada Vee Tee Rice to manage the rice production scheme. The managing partners have also designed and commenced implementation of Rice Out-grower Scheme, which encourages farmers to produce more while Vee Tee Rice buys off the entire production at the rate of 10-15% above the prevailing market price...Duku-Lade Rice Plantation

Tshonga Commercial Farming

The commercial agriculture initiative is the flagship of Kwara State’s agriculture revolution. Otherwise known as the “New Nigerian Farmers” project, the programme involves setting aside about 1000 hectares of land per Farmer’s Company, which translates to 13, 000 hectares for the 13 pioneer farmers at Shonga. So much has been said and written about the commercial agriculture initiative in Kwara State...More on Commercial Farming

Ilorin International Airport

Ilorin International Airport has been re-designated and equipped as a specialist Cargo airport. Its customers benefit from significant advantages including 24 hour opening, 24 hour customs, extremely efficient handling and excellent value...Ilorin International Airport Factsheet


Kwara State has planned to reduce incidence of malaria in the State by 80% in 5 years period (2006-2011). This way, it hopes to achieve significant reduction in infant and maternal mortality in the same period in line with the global targets...More
The garthering of kwarians in LONDON
They are all from Kwara

The Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State Assembly addressing the gathering


miss East Africa

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Have you ever had the chance to drive your dream car, not just off the forecourt and into traffic, but really get the chance to stretch its legs?
If you're serious about buying a car, then at The British International Motor Show we are giving you the chance to make this dream come true
If you have found a car that you are potentially looking to buy, then you can literally walk out the back of the main show floor onto the dedicated 2.2km taster test drive track
With over 12 manufacturers taking part in this exciting experience, you can really put the cars to the test with different manoeuvres on the circuit

Not only is it great fun, but you can compare them almost immediately.

New Kenya abroad

The Kenya Prime minister Raila odinga Uk visit 2008

Kenya High commission staff
The Rwanda Ambassador with H.E Raila Odinga MP

The Round Table at FCO

At the Kenya High commision London H.E Cleve Gatete -Rwanda ambassador with Lord Steel

Lord Mulloch Brown speaking to Guests at the Dinner

This Gathering is of who i s who of the business community in london