Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The dying of Mandela

The dying of Mandela

The death of Nelson Mandela shook the world. Why it did would probably have as many reasons as the stars in the sky. A plethora of research organisations would probably need a work force the population of half of Europe to conduct in sufficient quantum what Mandela truly meant as a person and as a Read the full article... 

Cameron admits target sailing out of view

Cameron admits target sailing out of view

Following the release of figures last week that reveal immigration in the year to June 2013 actually rose by 15,000 to 182,000, David Cameron has conceded that it is unlikely that his government will meet its target of reducing net immigration to the UK to “tens of thousands” (taken to mean below 100,000) by 2015. Read the full article... 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Dec 17 at 7:44 PM

Officials of the companies Beny Steinmetz Group Resources and Onyx Financial Advisers have filed a claim in the UK High Court against Global Witness under the Data Protection Act. The officials are using the Act to demand that Global Witness hand over information relating to them, gathered in the course of reporting on a major corruption scandal. Global Witness intends to robustly defend its position and regards the claim as an attempt to stifle journalism in the public interest.
Global Witness has been investigating and reporting for over a year on how BSGR obtained rights to one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits, the Simandou iron ore mine in Guinea. We have highlighted serious corruption concerns surrounding the deal, explaining in detail the reasons for our findings and asking questions of the companies concerned at every stage.
Global Witness has solid reasons for querying the Simandou deal, full details of which are laid out in the reports on our website.
Far from the fictional plot that BSGR has accused Global Witness of, BSGR is at the centre of a criminal investigation in the United States. A federal grand jury inquiry has been launched in New York into the company’s Simandou deal. One of its former advisers in Guinea, Frederic Cilins, is due to stand trial next year accused of attempting to destroy documents and obstruct the investigation.
A Guinean committee reviewing past mining contracts has also been looking into the Simandou deal. Its deadline for a response from BSGR fell on the same day that the company’s officials announced their claim against us.
Rather than seeking to bully those raising legitimate concerns, BSGR should address the corruption concerns directly. It has still not explained important aspects of its Simandou deal, including the  ownership of secretive companies registered in the British Virgin Islands.
BSGR’s statements on Global Witness are routinely inaccurate. The claim that we are part of a conspiracy is entirely unfounded. All our reports are written independently, with no interference from any of our funders. It also falsely claims that BSGR sought our help on behalf of two imprisoned BSGR employees.

Thursday, 19 December 2013


Prof Joyce Kakuramatsi KikafundaI bring you warm greetings from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. The Mission of the Uganda High Commission in London is to protect and promote Uganda’s national interests and positions in the UK and Ireland. We strive to strengthen further the cordial relationship existing between the two sides. We closely follow the UK’s and Ireland's foreign policies and the economic development and seek to create opportunities for cooperation between Uganda and UK/Ireland. We provide information, guidance and consular services to anyone interested in Uganda for Investment, Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Aid, among other purposes, in our implementation of Commercial Diplomacy.
One of the core responsibilities of the High Commission is to deliver the best possible counsel to Ugandan citizens in UK/Ireland who may be in need of the High Commission’s assistance for any reason. Ugandan citizens in distress are always welcome to contact the Uganda High Commission.
The staff of the Uganda High Commission consists of seven competent Foreign Service officers, supported by a team of locally recruited staff. We also have Mrs Sylvia Katete Gavigan as our Honorary Consul in Dublin, Ireland.
You are always welcome to contact the Uganda High Commission for further information.
Kind Regards,
Prof Joyce Kakuramatsi Kikafunda
High Commissioner


Qunu ni kijiji kidogo katika jimbo la Eastern Cape la Afrika Kusini, kilomita 32 Kusini-Magharibi ya mji wa Mthatha, katika barabara ya Butterworth na Mthata. 
Kijiji cha Mvezo, pembezoni mwa mto Mbashe, ni jirani ya mahali ambapo Mzee Nelson Mandela alizaliwa. Hapo Qunu ndipo alipokulia na aliweka nadhiri ya kurejea. 
Kijiji cha Qunu ndipo baba yake Mandela alipohamia baada ya kuvuliwa Uchifu wa Mvezo. Katika kitabu chake cha ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ Mzee Mandela amekitaja kijiji hicho kuwa ndipo alipoishi maisha ya furaha wakati wa utotoni. 
Jumapili ya Desemba 15, 2013 Mzee Mandela alizikwa kijijini Qunu katika mazishi ya Kitaifa yaliyoshuhudiwa dunia nzima. Alizikwa kwa heshima zote za kiongozi wa Taifa katika sehemu aliyochagua mwenyewe kuwa nyumba yake ya milele.
 Daraja la waendao kwa miguu likipita juu ya barabara mpya ya lami inayojengwa kuelekea kijijini Qunu.
Siku ya mazishi barabara ya kuelekea Qunu ilifungwa na ni magari yaliyokuwa na kibali tu ndiyo yaliyoruhusiwa kupita
Ulinzi ulikuwa mkali kila sehemu kijijini Qunu
Wageni wakiwa katika geti kuu la nyumba ya Mzee Mandela hapo Qunu
Nyumba ya Mzee Mandela
Nyumbani kwa Madiba kijijini Qunu

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Final journey: The coffin carrying former South African President Nelson Mandela is escorted into his state funeral service in Qunu this morning
Jeneza lenye mwili wa Mandela likielekea kwenye eno la mazishi katika kijiji cha Qunu mapema leoGathered to remember Madiba: South Africa's president Jacob Zuma (2nd left), Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Mandela (left), and the widow of Mandela, Graca Machel (3rd left), sit by his coffin
Familia ya Mandela ikiwa mstari wa mbele akiwemo Winnie, Rasi Zuma na Graca Machele wakifuatilia mazishi leo.
United in grief: Mandela's widow Graca Machel, above, and his former wife Winnie, below, arrived holding hands and sat together for the service
Sura za huzuni za Graca Machel (juu) na Winnie (chini) wakiwa mazishini
United in grief: Mandela's widow Graca Machel, above, and his former wife Winnie, below, arrived holding hands and sat together for the service
Traditional: Mandla Mandela right, grandson of former South African president Nelson Mandela, during his grandfather's funeral
Mjukuu wa Madiba, Mandla Mandela(kulia) akiwa mazishini.
AUC Deputy Chairperson Erastus Mwencha met the President of the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mr. Tomislav Nikolic

Belgrade, Serbia, 16 December 2013 – H.E. Erastus J. O. Mwencha, the African Union Commission’s Deputy Chairperson, on Monday 16 December, started a two-day official visit to Belgrade by meeting the President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic.

The meeting that took place at the Serbian presidency, focused the ways and means to improve and strengthen the good and historical relationships that exist between the Republic of Serbia and Africa; the international relations, particularly the reform of the UN System; as well as the economic international conjuncture and the involvement of Serbia on the capacity building in Africa.

The meeting underlined the necessity to direct investments to the economy in order to generate prosperity and sustainable human development. “We are working on the economic, social and political integration of the continent and we are looking forward to cooperate with Serbia, who left a footprint in Africa during its struggle against the colonialism, and to work together on how to put value”, said Mwencha.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KbDT21dEMwY/UquY3_uNlmI/AAAAAAACR9U/-nTiaf7Z5Ak/s1600/3B.zurii-Adv-500.png" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KbDT21dEMwY/UquY3_uNlmI/AAAAAAACR9U/-nTiaf7Z5Ak/s1600/3B.zurii-Adv-500.png
" width="640" />
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 Rais wa kwanza Mzalendo na Mpigania Uhuru wa Afrika Kusini, Nelson Mandela ‘Madiba’ akiwa ameshikilia viatu vyake ambavyo aliviacha nyumbani kwa Mzee Nsilo Swai alipoingia Tanzania kwa mara ya kwanza mwaka 1962 akitokea Afrika Kusini.

Mandela aliahidi kuvichukua viatu hivyo pindi atakaporejea Tanzania lakini katika safari hiyo ndipo alipoishia mikoni mwa makaburu wa Afrika Kusini na kumfunga kwa miaka 27.

Viatu hivyo aina ya Buti vilihifadhiwa hadi alipotoka na kukabidhiwa kwa Mandela na mjane wa Mzee Nsilo Swai, Bi Vicky Nsilo Swai (pichani kulia) mwaka 1995 Mandela alipotoka gerzani na hatim,aye kuwa Rais wa kwanza Mweusi wa Afrika Kusini.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Mlezi wa Simba, Rahma Al Kharoosi 'Malkia wa Nyuki'.
MLEZI wa Simba, Rahma Al Kharoosi, ametua jijini Dar es Salaam akiwa kwenye ndege kubwa yenye uwezo wa kubeba watu 150, lakini yeye akiwa ndiye abiria pekee ndani ya ndege hiyo.
Rahma, maarufu kama Malkia wa Nyuki, ametua na ndege hiyo aina ya Airbus 320 inayomilikiwa na Serikali ya Oman na anaitumia yeye kupitia cheo chake cha Balozi wa Heshima wa Oman nchini Morocco.
Ndege hiyo ilikuwa imebeba watu 17, kati ya hao 16 ni wafanyakazi ndani ya ndege ambao ni daktari mmoja, walinzi wanne, waliobaki ni marubani na wahudumu.
Akizungumza dakika chache kabla ya kuondoka nchini jana, saa 10 alfajiri, Malkia wa Nyuki alisema alishuka nchini kwa ajili ya mapumziko ya siku moja, pia kuzungumza na baadhi ya viongozi wa Simba.
“Nimepita tu, tumepumzika kidogo hapa na baada ya hapo ninakwenda Comoro kwa ajili ya kuzungumza na kumchukua Rais wa Comoro.
“Lakini wakati wa mapumziko, nimepata nafasi ya kuzungumza na baadhi ya viongozi wa Simba kuhusiana na mwenendo wa timu kwa hivi sasa.
“Kwa sasa namaliza majukumu yangu kikazi halafu nitarudi tena safari nyingine nchini kwa ajili ya kuendelea na mazungumzo na viongozi wenzangu wa Simba ili tujue tunaweza kufanya nini kuendelea kurekebisha mambo,” alisema.
Kwenye Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere (JNIA), Malkia wa Nyuki alisindikizwa na mwanaye Fatma, maarufu kama Nyuki Mtoto na watu wengine wawili.
Baada tu ya yeye kupanda ngazi za ndege hiyo, walinzi na wafanyakazi waliokuwa nje ya ndege hiyo nao waliingia na ikaanza safari kwenda Comoro.

Source: GPL

Monday, 16 December 2013

warning-Disturbing pictures

African Mining Vision - a bold new African narrative

Maputo 14 December, 2013: The African Mining Vision (AMV) is part of a new story for Africa to take charge and reset the campus for its future.

Speaking at the opening of the high level conference preceding the 3rd Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) Conference of Ministers Responsible for Mineral Resources Development, ECA Officer-in-Charge, Special Initiatives Division, Ms Fatima Denton, said that the AMV is a bold vision that demands a new narrative which can only be achieved if partnership becomes an important lever to redress the balance and create equality of opportunities for the African people.

Ms Denton said that the AMV must re-set the dials of the compass to industrialization to ensure that in the new climate of natural resource exploitation that we not only extract, and but add value to our resources. “As we collectively re-write the new narrative on mining and extractive, we remain determined in our resolve to enter into broad agreement with governments, regional economic communities, private sector, research institutions and men and women of Africa and beyond who remain tireless in their fight for an inclusive and sustainable growth". She added that Africa’s endowment with abundant natural resources needn’t be a curse, but a blessing. “The blessing is to reset the compass points to a future on which we can weigh the scale of our ambition against a sector that will shore up new jobs, create novel opportunities and design policies, frameworks and mechanisms that will support, accompany and deliver on the bold lifelong project of the Africa Mining Vision.” She said.

Over 60 senior government experts in mining and natural resources development, including civil society, private sector have convened in Maputo for a high level conference under the theme ‘Leveraging the African Mining Vision for Africa’s Renaissance: towards broader ownership. The 3 day high level conference  taking place between 13 and 17th December seeks to brainstorm on how African countries can design and implement effective strategies and policies through the AMV framework.

Meanwhile, Director of Trade and Industry at the AUC, Ms Treasure Maphanga commended ECA and other partners including Africa Development Bank for their technical support in shaping the AMV and developing a business plan for establishing the Africa Mineral Development Centre (AMDC).

Ms Maphanga said the AMV was an African owned initiative re-writing the African story and represents a major structural transformation of moving mineral worth from an enclave of extractive industries to inclusive development.

The AMV was adopted by African Heads of States and Governments in February 2009 and directed Ministers Responsible for Mineral Resources to develop a road map for implementing the vision for a transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socio-economic development.

The 3rd Ordinary Session of the African Union Conference of Ministers responsible for Mineral Resources Development is convening to among others review the business plan for the AMDC as an institutional framework for the implementation of the AMV.

The AU Conference of Ministers will also officially launch the African Mineral Development Centre as a project on Monday, 16 December 2013.

The high-level conference and AU Conference of Ministers is jointly organised by the African Union, the Republic of Mozambique and The Economic Commission for Africa.

 Mwili wa Aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti CCM wa mkoa wa Mwanza na Diwani wa Kata ya Kisesa, Mhe. Clement Mabina baada ya kushambuliwa 

Mwili wa Aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti CCM wa mkoa wa Mwanza na Diwani wa Kata ya Kisesa, Mhe. Clement Mabina baada ya kufikishwa hospitali ya rufaa Bungando.
Aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti CCM wa mkoa wa Mwanza na Diwani wa Kata ya Kisesa, Mhe. Clement Mabina enzi za uhai wake
 Aliyekuwa Mwenyekiti CCM wa mkoa wa Mwanza na Diwani wa Kata ya Kisesa, Mhe. Clement Mabina  ameuwawa na wananchi wenye hasira kwa kupigwa na mawe na silaha za jadi mwendo wa saa saba mchana.

Imeelezwa kuwa sababu ya kumwuua Mabina inatokana na ugomvi wa ardhi ambapo kesi ya eneo hilo ilikuwa ikiendelea mahakamani, lakini mchana wa leo, marehemu Mabina alionekana akipanda miti na kuweka mawe ya msingi katika eneo lenye ugomvi na wananchi walipomhoji kuhusu kibali cha mahakama cha kufanya hivyo, inaripotiwa kuwa aliwatolea lugha chafu na kuwatisha kwa bunduki ambapo alifyatua risasi.

Inaripotiwa kuwa risasi moja ilimuua mwananchi na alipoishiwa risasi, wananchi walimvamia kwa silaha mbalimbali ikiwemo mawe na mapanga hadi kumsababishia mauti.