Monday, 5 August 2013

                                            PRESS  RELEASE
Tickets are selling fast for our annual conference -. THE TANZANIA CONVENTION-TRADE AND INVESTMENT FORUM UK 2013.This two-day conference, held on the 6th &7th December 2013, will bring together  professionals from a variety of different disciplines to explore topics, share experiences and debate the issues at the heart of  the  Diaspora  Concerns  ,socially,  politically,  economically  and  culturally.
We also invite you    to support our community Leaders Gala Awards Dinner  that  will  be  held  on  the  same   evening  of  the 7th  December  2013. The evening provides an opportunity for you to join us in celebrating the vital work of Tanzanians in the Diaspora   and friends of Tanzania as well as helping to deliver our mission to bring the UK and Tanzania closer together through our pioneering activities in business, policy and culture. Funds raised from the dinner contribute directly towards the success of our programmes; highlights of which include our conferences (Tanzania Convention-Trade and investment Forum), policy briefings , and our film, culture and literature festivals.
We present these annual awards to those individuals who exemplify the concept of the ‘Servant Leader’. These awards highlight the links between economic success, professional excellence accompanied by moral leadership, and service to society. By recognising individuals who embody the ‘Servant Leader’ ideal, we seek to encourage widespread recognition and adoption of these values among the global Tanzania community.

Based on feedback from previous conferences, this two day event is designed to be informative, practical and, most of all, interactive.
Book your tickets now ,register or  nominate  someone  by  sending  your   email  to  TEL +447960811614.

Media  interviews  are   available  on request

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