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MEET MR YUSUF KASHANGWA-DIRECTOR TANZANIA TRADE CENTRE-UKThe activities of the Trade Centre concentrate on:
-Undertaking marketing research and market intelligence aimed at identifying import opportunities in the U.K. for products of export interest from Tanzania to enable, Tanzania exporters increase their exports to the U.K.
-Publicising investment opportunities in Tanzania through disseminating information on investment projects and profile, legislation, incentives, joint ventures, privatization, etc.
-The centre serves as the tourist promotion office. In this regard the Centre liaises with tour operators and services all enquiries on holiday/leisure and business travel to Tanzania: distributes tourism promotion materials.
--Co-ordinating participation by Tanzania companies at Trade and Travel exhibitions held in U.K
-Serving trade missions and business delegations between the two countries.
-Identifying training opportunities that would benefit Tanzanian entrepreneurs. The Trade Centre serves as the processing agent to commercial agreements involving Tanzania and U.K based companies and monitors implementation of such agreements.
-Conducting Company research to authenticate and establish the capacity of U.K registered companies intending to enter into business arrangements with Tanzania.
-Representing Tanzania in the International Organisations with headquaters in London which include the International Coffee Organisation (ICO), international Maritime Organisation (IMO), International Mobile Satelite Organisation (INMARSAT), CAB International, London Sisal Association, Association of Coffee Producing Countries (ACPS) etc.
-Participating in meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions trade fair, and other events for a commercial and economic interest to Tanzania held in the United Kingdom and assumes full responsibility for representing Tanzania where no delegates travel from Tanzania.
-Rendering services to enable Tanzanian importers source their imports from the most competitive sources.
-The Trade Centre is continuously building up a computerized database of promotional materials that will also carry commercial and economic information on Tanzania. Tanzania offers a wealth of market opportunities for foreign companies. With a population of over 34.5 million consumers, a rapidly growing economy, and high levels of domestic investment spending, the Tanzania market will remain an important target destination for local and foreign products and services. On top of that, Tanzania is part of two distinct market areas: Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC), with some 304 million consumers.
Tanzania has a stable fiscal regime with sustainable level of inflation. Under its economic recovery program, Tanzania increased revenue streams and substantially reduced spending. During the quarter ending September 2003, the quarterly year-to-year inflation rate, declined to 4.6 percent as of December 2000. This continuous decline in the rate of inflation is mainly the result of prudent fiscal and monetary policies

Investments in Tanzania are guaranteed against nationalisation and expropriation. Tanzania is a signatory of several multilateral and bilateral agreements on protection and promotion of foreign investment. Among other international agreements and membership, Tanzania is a member of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

The pro investment attitude by Government is clearly demonstrated by the innovative investment legislation, the increasing number of foreign direct investments in the country and economic and structural reforms that have led to substantial progress in establishing a functioning market economy. Institutional support for priority investment projects is readily available from the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and other Government institutions.

Tanzania offers a well-balanced and competitive package of fiscal incentives in comparison with other African countries. Aiming at providing competitive fiscal regime on foreign trade, Tanzania has signed double taxation treaties with Denmark, India, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Finland. Countries with which negotiations are continuing include South Africa, Republic of Korea, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Egypt, and Oman.
Tanzania Trade Centre 3 Stratford PlaceLondonW1C 1ASTel: +44 207 758 8070Fax: +44 207 758
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