Wednesday, 22 May 2013

London terror attack: Is one of the attackers a Nigerian?

  • Michael “Mujahid” Adeboloja is reportedly one of the London attackers. He allegedly answers to his Muslim name “Mujahid,” or “one who fights Jihad.” He is reportedly the man in the video alone. Word is that he is a Muslim convert.
Someone claiming to be his friend has identified him on Twitter.
His nationality is still not known, but he may be a Nigerian or Somali (going by his name – Adeboloja). There are not many things on Google about the man, who has not been officially identified by the police.
Reports and video show him bragging over the murder, praising God for the death of an alleged British soldier.

 Two attackers savagely killed a man believed to be a British soldier just outside an army barracks in an apparent terrorist attack in southeast London today, telling eyewitnesses the killing was "as an eye for an eye ... because Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day."
 Brandishing a cleaver and a knife, and with the body of the victim lying yards away, the man said: "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
 British Prime Minister David Cameron said there were "strong indications this is a terrorist incident," and senior British officials convened an emergency meeting in Britain's equivalent to the White House Situation Room.

Afterward, they approached eyewitnesses, asking them to start filming with their camera phones. One of the attackers, who spoke with a southern London accent, carried a meat cleaver and his hands were deeply stained with blood as we spoke directly to the camera.