Thursday, 23 May 2013

Is Kagame Following in the Footsteps of Sankara? (French)

May 18, London, the Rwandan President Paul Kagame comes to interventions whose tone and content against some Western countries have shown that it may be appropriate to call the Sankara slumbered in him.
We must first of all say that Rwanda since the end of the genocide is a country that never ceases to amaze with its excellent performance on several levels. From an economic point of view, it recorded strong growth. Moreover, it is a relatively stable country. Rwanda has gone from a largely agriculture-based to a knowledge-based economy as the country has nowbecome a technological reference pool economy in Africa. All with the government’s efforts in the fight against poverty welcomed by all. For illustration we must take the classification of the World Bank “business destinations” country in 2009 Rwanda ranked 143rd out of 1983, and two years later in 2011 it was ranked 58th. Rwanda was then in the odor of sanctity among major developed countries, the UK and USA in mind.

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How to Help Disaster Victims

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