Friday, 31 May 2013

Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds has paid tribute to UN peacekeeping personnel working around the world today.
Speaking today Foreign Office Minister for Conflict Issues Mark Simmonds, said:
Today marks the International Day of Peacekeepers. The UK pays tribute to over 100,000 UN personnel currently serving in 14 peacekeeping missions today. The British Government is proud to join others around the world to thank the men and women of UN peacekeeping for the essential role they play, and have played over the last 65 years since the establishment of the first UN peacekeeping mission, in protecting those most vulnerable across Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Without their presence, their dedication and determination, many more people would face displacement, sexual violence, destruction of their livelihoods and their communities, and other devastating impacts of violent conflict.
We also take time to remember the many sacrifices made by peacekeepers in the pursuit of peace, honouring those who have died protecting others and those who still bear the scars and memories of serving in some of the most challenging environments around the globe.
The UK is strongly committed to supporting the UN’s vital contribution to world peace and stability, and will remain steadfast in that support.