Saturday, 30 August 2008

will smith in tanzania

Will smith in Tanzania.Here seen in picture with the Zanzibar President H.E Amani Karume

Waziri Mkuu,Mizengo Pinda akitoa taarifa ya maazimio kuhusu mkataba wa
Richmond,bungeni mjini Dodoma leo.
Hatimaye Mhe.Waziri Mkuu ametoa taarifa ya utekelezaji wa mapendekezo ya Kamati ya Bunge.Cha kushangaza ni kuona taarifa yenyewe imekaa kama taarifa ya makusudio ya utekelezaji kuliko taarifa ya nini kimeshafanyika baada ya kupewa majukumu ya kuyafanyia kazi.
Ukiangalia taarifa ya utekelezaji utaona mambo yakiongelea kwa wakati ujao(Future tense).. Serikali ita..Serikali inatarajia...watanzania ni wasahaulifu sana,ndio imetoka hiyo. Katika sakata hili tunaona"misingi ya utawala bora"na"haki za binadamu"zinatumika.
Badala ya kuchukua hatua za haraka, watuhumiwa wamepewa muda wa kujieleza. Kama watuhumiwa walipata nafasi ya kujieleza kwenye kamati ya Bunge,maelezo ya ziada ni ya nini tena?Yafuatayo ni baadhi ya hatua za utekelezaji kama yalivyoainishwa na Waziri Mkuu:1.Sheria ya manunuzi ya UMMA kurekebishwa na kuimarishwa zaidi kwa kuipa nguvu za kuchukua hatua kwa wale watakaoikiuka.
2.PPRA kuwa huru zaidi kama alivyo CAG.
3. Mikataba mingine ya uzalishaji umeme wa dharura kupitiwa upya.
4. Suala la kumwajibisha AG limepelekwa kwa Rais.
5.Hakuna aliyechukuliwa hatua katika sakata hili, ila wote eti wameandikiwa barua za kujieleza ili mamlaka zao za nidhamu ziwachukulie hatua.
6.Wajumbe wote wa Government Negotiating Team kama vile Mgonja, Mwakapugi na wengineo nao wamepelekewa barua za kujieleza kabla kuchukuliwa hatua za kinidhamu.utetezi wao Mamlaka husika zinatarajiwa kuchukua hatua.
7. Mikataba mikubwa ya kibiashara kuwekwa kwenye Maktaba ya Bunge ili kamati husika za Bunge ziipitie na kutoa ushauri inapobidi.
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PRESS RELEASE: 30 AUGUST 2008 AS OLD AS MY TONGUE,THE MYTH & LIFE OF BI KIDUDE wins international award at Festival du Film Insulaire Each year since 2000,the French Island of Groix in Brittany has hosted the‘Festival du Film Insulaire’,a competitive documentary event showcasing films from islands around the world. The Lucien Kimité prize is awarded each year to the “most human” documentary in competition. We are very proud to announce that our début feature documentary As Old As My Tongue won this year’s award. With members of the production team currently scattered far and wide from Japan to Zanzibar and Cumbria to Cork,we invited our Zanzibari translation expert,Said el Gheithy of the Centre for Africa Language Learning to attend the festival. An extract from his entertaining speech before the jury is on page 3.As Old As My Tongue has now screened in more than 50 venues in 22 countries, winning 4 main awards and 4 further ‘best of the festival’ selections from juries and audiences. A full list of awards to date is on page 2. DVD to launch at end of October.ScreenStation [UK] is currently putting the finishing touches to a limited edition DVD of the film to be released in the UK on October 27th.They are pleased to have been invited to the UK’s biggest African film festival in Edinburgh and also selected as part of the festival’s UK wide touring programme during November and December. Confirmed dates so farEdinburgh Film House:October 28th ( plus Q&A and DVD launch partyGlasgow Film Theatre: October 29th plus Q&ANewcastle Star & Shadow Cinema: December 11th The UK release will be followed by a US and North America launch at the New York African Diaspora Film Festival in December.European launch is set for Cannes in January and last but not least,we return to Zanzibar for an African version at Sauti za Busara music festival in February 2009.Links to more information has a trailer,synopsis and pictures from the up to date screening information and more pictures from the festival and more about the prize latest news from the UK’s biggest African film Promotions, Sauti za Busara festival and more on music of East AfricaFull list of As Old As My Tongue Awards to dateWINNER:‘Most Human’ Documentary Film FESTIVAL DU FILM INSULAIRE.Ile de Groix, France, 2008 WINNER:Best International Documentary Film ZUMA International Film Festival.Abuja, Nigeria, 2008 WINNER:Best Documentary Film IMAGES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.Harare, Zimbabwe, 2007 WINNER:Best International Documentary FilmWIFF (Womens International Film Festival) Miami, USA, 2007 JURY SPECIAL MENTIONVUES D’AFRIQUE PANAFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL. Montréal,Canada, 2008 Best of the Festival Selection AFRICALA FILM FESTIVAL.Mexico City, Mexico, 2007 Best of the Festival SelectionPANAFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL DU CANNES. Cannes, France, 2007 Audience Award SelectionMOFFOM (Music on Film, Film on Music) Prague, Czech Republic, 2006 Extract from speech by Said el Gheithy @ Festival du Film Insulaire.Ile de Groix, France on Saturday August 23rd 2009.I am delighted to be here to present this documentary, ‘As Old As My Tongue’, a celebration of the life and the musical career of the distinguished artist, Bi Fatma bint Baraka, popularly known as Bi.Kidude, and aptly described in the film as the ‘Treasure of Zanzibar’. I am particularly pleased to be here to witness the acknowledgement of this ‘Grand Dame’ of African musical artistry. In 2007 the Centre for Africa Language Learning, which I established, and manage, in London, was asked by the producer, Andy Jones to undertake post-production work on the language features of the film.I must say that the task of ‘perfecting’ the language of the venerable tongue of Zanzibar’s iconic cultural figure, Kidude, was quite challenging.I was only able to consider this task on the basis of the fact that my connection with Bi Kidude did not start with this film. She was one of the women who influenced my childhood memories, albeit indirectly, she was ever present in the neighbourhood in which my late grandmother resided in the suburbs of Zanzibar.I can recall my grandmother’s recollections of Bi Kidude as a high spirited, vivacious and rebellious girl.The film tastefully documents Bi.Kidude’s life through the use of her personal testimony,commentaries by her promoters and mentors,as well as through local and international performances held in recent years. It reveals the personal qualities from which she draws the resources which have gone into creating her popularity,reputation,and,as a record producer in the film puts it, the writing of her own legacy.She is a talented singer,with an extraordinary voice.That perhaps is an understatement. Though from a small island off the coast of East Africa, she has placed Zanzibar on the map of women singers of longevity,Ella Fitzgerald,Edith Piaf and Sarah Vaughan, amongst them,come to mind. She is one who is fiercely independent,committed to tradition and meaningful interaction with her adorers as well as members of the public, unpretentiously. An active member of her community, she uses her earnings from the performance work she does to support her people.And who,in Zanzibar,is not her people?‘As Old As My Tongue’ is a welcome change from the usual documentaries on Africa.Mostly they tend to focus on problem areas such as war,famine and disease. These are,of course,vital issues requiring constant exposure and support,but must not be overplayed.More still needs to be done to promote positive images of Africa,which are also part of its everyday reality.In spite of Zanzibar’s exotic appeal, the film portrays realistic images of the location, especially within the Stone town locality,which is a Unesco World Heritage City.History often records and pays tribute to the lives of ‘great men’,but not often ‘great women’.‘As Old As My Tongue’ conveys a powerful story whose main personality would otherwise be unseen or unheard. It is also a tribute to the diversity that is positively valued and characterises the islands of Zanzibar. I hope this event will signify a beginning of a relationship between Zanzibar and the Island of Groix.O As we say, ‘Unguja ni njema atakaye na aje’, ‘Zanzibar is a great place, you are all welcome’. I trust that I have supplied just enough information to whet your appetites for this production. May you enter the spirit of Kidude’s evocative Tarab and let it draw you in to the very soul of Zanzibar. Karibuni. Welcome to you all.[ends]For more information, Africa) and of the world)More fire:6th Sauti za Busara music festival,Stone Town,Zanzibar,12 - 17 February 2009 -