Thursday, 14 August 2008


Ugandan Diasporas under the framework for Human Development and Solidarity Foundation (HDSF), are launching a wider and concerted effort to give everyone the opportunity possible to fully participate and be heard on the various community, national and international issues, because we believe that in this quickly globalizing world, everyone’s voice count.
It is in this vein, and at this critical time when Ugandans home and abroad face the greatest challenges to human survival, that an international convention has been organized and will be held at the University of East London, on the 23rd August, 2008.
Therefore, the Interim leadership of the HDSF wish to invite every one, every stakeholder (in your capacity as individuals, families or organisations that constitute the Ugandan business society, civil society, main-stream body politic and the fraternity of compassionate allies/friends of Uganda) to come and attend, participate, make your contribution and be heard. Most importantly, this prospect is intended to prepare a road map and stronger framework through which you can contribute to enhancing social justice, capabilities, innovation, opportunity - including the right to information and, to stake a firm voice and involvement in all development/Aid efforts from Diaspora folks and friends of Uganda worldwide.
HDSF realizes the potential “a united and coherent Uganda Diaspora Community” can play in bringing about positive change in the livelihoods of our peasant majorities abroad and, Uganda in particular. On this same occasion HDSF will be marking the launch of a powerful Uganda Diaspora Community International Lobby and Network for Justice, Peace and Social Development. This network shall bring together Diaspora Ugandans and friends of Uganda (without discrimination across ethnicity, class, caste, age, gender and socio-economic backgrounds) in order to establish the badly needed ‘effective platform for dialogue and positive networking’ amongst Ugandan Diaspora Communities and people. After its launch, this platform shall become a permanent feature, and a think tank too, tasked to discuss/debate matters on the links between developing capabilities and widening opportunity through democratic social action with embedded transparency and accountability. It shall also provide diverse avenues for different forms of expression and modes of participation.
The convention is also part of HDSF’s wider community activities to celebrate talents and achievement as we reflect on enhancing capabilities and opportunity, since the major migrant flows of Ugandans due to post-independent dictatorships, conflict and economic plunder. We therefore aim to encourage and celebrate community and individual aspiration, innovation and achievement by availing space (voice) and providing a platform to market and expose talents/skills/potential.
We presume you’re one of those interested to participate and want to steer your community and country into a new direction and greater horizons (realising the Ugandan Dream wherever you are). Come represent your specific community, organisation or minority view(s) on this subject. We also hope that friends and sympathizers of our homeland (Uganda) have been waiting for such an opportunity to have a genuine and similar minded effective partner to work with in a concerted effort to secure ‘project Uganda’. Please all, do not hesitate to grab the opportunity, by contacting the convention secretariat for details and information.
At this inaugural convention, we are planning a very exciting program geared towards all those who are interested in human development and solidarity in general, as well as Uganda in particular, bringing together faith, business, civil and political groups.
There will be programs for children and young adults also. One of our goals is to help reconnect second generation Ugandan-British, Ugandan-Europeans, Ugandan-Americans and Ugandan-Asians, to the homeland of their parents and grandparents.
Please be positive, join the progressive coalition for solidarity and development!
HDSF started as a ‘dream idea’ by a handful of founder members, several months ago. It is fast growing into a powerful lobby movement with many Diaspora Ugandans getting inspired to participate from different communities in the UK and countries across the world. That is the reason why we call upon your positive participation and contribution too.
For all community groups/organisations, we strongly recommend that you chose a powerful and representative team (panel of delegates) to prepare an official public delivery (or exchange of information) for and your behalf at the convention. If you would like to discuss the nomination for your charity, business, faith, civic or political interest group/organisation, please contact the Convention Secretariat.
Please, see attached a detailed agenda and program for the day. We request every prospective participant to try and reach the venue as early as 8.30am of the convention date, so that we can start the proceeding of the Convention on time.
If you are a holder of passport that may require visa to enter the UK you may inform the conference secretariat at the time of registration, as the convention secretariat is responsible for all visa issues.
For further information please contact the Convention Secretariat:
Tel: +44(0)20 8595 3600; Mobile: +44(0)79 3922 7958; or emai