Saturday, 23 August 2008



Ayoub mzee
Having graduatedfrom Harvard Law School with myDoctor of Laws degree, I spent the last two months intensivelystudying for the New York bar exam.But I'm happy to say that I'm now in Denver, volunteering at theDemocratic Convention. There will be over 15,000 mediarepresentatives here from all over the world...

Kaine supported Obama from the very beginning, since Obamamade a number of campaign stops for Kaine back in 2005 and for JimWebb (Senator from Virginia) back in 2006. Obama and the Virginiatrio (Kaine, Webb, and former VA Governor Mark Warner) all becamequite close during that period. Kaine, like Obama, was a civil rightslawyer before entering politics, and is a progressive Democrat thatbelieves in creating consensus with political opponents. Also,Virginia, a core "red state" was the first state in the nation toelect a black Governor back in 1989. Considering that the election istight, Virginia is likely to become a crucial swing-state thiselection. Attached is a picture of myself and Tim Kaine.But I have to admit that as a resident of Indiana, I'd also be happywith Senator Evan Bayh, who I've voted for twice.
Thank you very much for your consideration.
Kind regards,
Stuart YoungJuris Doctors, 2008
Harvard Law School

Three Young people from South London on their way to the Beijing Para Olympics

Three young volunteers from South London will be playing their part to ensure the smooth running of the 2008 Para Olympics. Leila Donegan, 21, from New Cross, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, 19, from Catford and Elizabeth D’sa, 23, from Plumstead are all volunteers with the YV@Lewisham project, part of the government’s V programme, based at Youth A.I.D Lewisham. They have been selected from hundreds of young people across the country to travel to China as part of a British Council funded scheme to provide voluntary support to the China Disabled Persons Federation in hosting athletes from across the world competing in the 2008 Para-Olympics.

Leila, one of the volunteers says:

“I am very excited about going, it will be an opportunity to experience a completely different culture. I know it will be a challenge, especially overcoming the language barrier, but I hope to return having learnt some Chinese, and having the satisfaction of playing a part in making the Para Olympics a success”

Exciting volunteering opportunities are one of the special features of being a volunteer at Youth A.I.D, an organisation which has been providing services for young people in Lewisham for 35 years. The project has provided volunteering placements for young people in Camp America, Egypt, Albania YHA , and around the UK.

Marcus Senior, YV@Lewisham Staff, explains that “the sending of young people to the Beijing Olympics is part of Youth A.I.D’s strategy in preparing for the 2012 London Olympics, these young people will serve as role models and mentors to the next generation of young volunteers”.

Maria Dalrymple, Manager of Youth A.I.D Lewisham, stated that; “this is an important example of ambitious and dynamic young people making a positive contribution to their community, and indeed the world”

In an historic month where the United States sees Barack Obama become the official nominee for the Presidential election the UK is searching for Barack Obama’s of its own. An innovative scheme seeks to bring Black and other minority communities into the political system.

Operation Black Vote in partnership with Bristol City Council has re-launched the award winning Councillor Shadowing Scheme. The aim of this groundbreaking project is to ensure that Bristol has more Black and other minority ethnic councillors, and that local communities engage with the Authority at all levels of governance.

Eight individuals will be chosen to shadow high-level councillors from the three main political parties for a minimum of eight days over a six-month period. This dynamic leadership programme will equip and motivate participants to play a role in local party politics. They will also become community ambassadors, explaining and promoting the benefits of civic engagement and encouraging others to become involved in community affairs. The scheme will also give Councillors the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of BME communities.

The scheme has already enjoyed great success with three former participants standing in local elections, and one who made history as the youngest member of the South West Independent Monitoring Board.