Tuesday, 19 August 2008


The Issack Boro celebations in UK 2008

Isaac Jasper Boro, a young under-graduate with an extraordinary vocation for revolution, came in to national prominence and a figure in history that dominates minorities lives more that any other person to shape the course and destiny of this nation. Yet, he remains a controversial figure, enigmatic and elusive: to some a hero, to others an arch villain, a radical to many, a rebel to others; in fact, he was a dragon in his depths. A radical young nationalist who led a revolt against the oppressors to change the environment of the Niger Delta so that man can be man. On 23rd of February 1966, he landed at Tontonbau in the Riverrine areas of the former Eastern region with one hundred and fifty nine comrades to lauch a guerrilla war against the Federal Military Government of Major-General J.T.U. Aguiyi Ironsi. Earlier in January, 1966, Boro had proclaimed the Niger Delta Peoples Republic of Nigeria with himself as the Head of State. His mind had vaulted to the battle fields.
Ayoub mzee with one of the Niger Delta Chiefs
He engaged the Nigeria Police Force in a bloody battle and defeated them. The Armed Forces of Nigeria went into the war and Boro and his men held up the Federal troops for a quite a while. He was, however, defeated by the Federal troops and eventually he was captured, tried and sentenced to death.
At the outbreak of the Nigerian Civil War, in June 1967, Boro was pardoned by the Head of State-Lt-Col. Yakubu Gowon. He later joined forces with the Federal troops. He was however betrayed and killed by a fake Commando from the West. Boro, fought for the cause he had once so bitterly opposed, that is the preservation of the Nigerian nation.

Ayoub mzee with the Tanzania Commmunity and TAWA team in the studios when they accompanied Elizabeth kawogo

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Ayoub mzee with the Rwanda Ambassador H.E CLEVE GATETE today in the studios