Saturday, 16 August 2008

Tanzania domestic worker case

The Trumpet Newspaper Issue 217 (July 30 - August 12 2008)
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Ayoub mzee with Miss elizabeth kawogo
Landmark domestic trial victory as Tanzanian Domestic Worker in the UK is awarded £58,585.00 Miss Elizabeth Kawogo, a Tanzanian citizen was brought to London in July 2006 by her employer, Mrs Zainab Alibhai , a British citizen who is residing in Tanzania.

Miss Elizabeth Kawogo

Upon arrival however, there was a sinister unexpected turn of events. Mrs Alibhai forcibly confined Miss Kawogo to her parent's home, namely Mr Ramdhan Dhanji and Mrs Kubra Dhanji. Her passport was withheld and she was forced to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week without a break.
Elizabeth who at this stage, was totally distressed begged Mrs Alibhai to send her back home to Tanzania in vain. Her life continued to be almost unbearable. Apart from working for Mr and Mrs Dhanji , Miss Kawogo was taken to the houses of other relations where once again she was required to work like a robot
Elizabeth kawogo with Mariam kilumanga of TAWA
She slept on the kitchen floor even through the winter .She ate leftovers and food that had passed it expiry date. Her only toiletries were soap , toothpaste and a toothbrush .Psychologically and emotionally she was further traumatized, taunted and humiliated for being Black. She was told she should consider herself lucky for an opportunity to be in the UK.
The tribunal awarded Miss Kawogo £ 58,585 for unpaid wages, holidays, illegally long hours of work without breaks, racial discrimination and enslavement . This landmark victory brings hope to domestic workers who may be facing similar situations and is a wake up call to those employers who are under the illusion that they are above the law.