Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Dear Sir/Madam
This  is  to  announce  the  first  annual  African  Day 2015 in Coventry  West midlands which  will be   celebrated by many African communities in  the  West  Midlands  on  the 19/20th June  2015  in  Coventry. African Day 2015  will  help raise political, social, cultural and  economic  awareness in African communities across West Midlands  especially  Coventry.  The establishment of an annual celebration of Africa Day  is designed to ensure that everyone in  the  community is aware of the invaluable contributions and achievements of African communities in West midlands  and  UK  as  a whole..  
 Originally, It has been a source of information about the struggles for liberation and development. But this year’s theme is  DEVELOPMENT THROUGH DIVERSITY. We  intend  to high  light the  social,  cultural and  Economic  aspects  of  the  African  Diaspora  in  Coventry- West Midlands. We  also  intend  to   honour  and  encourage Diaspora  achievements that  contributes  towards  development  in the  region.This  will  be  possible  with  the  support  of  African  Missions  in  the  UK
Events include:
Formal gatherings with panel discussions, street marches(mini carnival)/Market stalls, speeches by political, cultural ,economic  and social leaders, special university lecture at Coventry  University, rallies featuring cultural entertainment,  poetry, and speakers, the  African  Literature  and  book festival-which  is a lively and interactive panel discussions, where experts will discuss a range of topics to reflect the dynamic changes that are taking place in contemporary African writing.
CREATING GREAT CHARACTERS-How do writers create characters that make stories come alive? Would you or a member of your family make a good hero or heroine? A creative writing workshop for all the family.
THE ART OF STORY-TELLING-What are the essential ingredients of a story? What are the main steps in making one? Come and learn the basics and create a small piece of your own! Aimed at 13-19 year olds.
STORYTIME-Explore the rich and diverse cultures, peoples and places of Africa through these interactive story-telling workshops aimed at 4-7 and 8-12 year olds. Parents welcome too.
 The   event  will   also  host  the  Ambassador’s  Forum ,  which  will  be  an  interactive  forum  focusing  on Tourism,  culture  the significant  economic  growth performance  and  challenges recently  recorded in  Africa, with  particular  emphasis  on  the  contribution  of  the  Manufacturing   sector, to  further  strengthen intra  Africa trade .In  attendance e will be   Ambassadors  and  High  commissioner  accredited  to  the  court  of  St.  James in the UK and Northern Island.
An  exhibition  showcasing  products  and  services  from  Africa   based   small  and   medium  enterprises, large  industries  and  support institutions  will  be  part  of  the  whole  program.
This   event  is  jointly  organised  by  Newdeal  Africa, Ben  Television and  Coventry  City  Council.

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