Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Agaciro Development Fund is a Rwanda’s first solidarity fund, based on voluntary donations. Agaciro is a Kinyarwanda word which can be loosely translated as “dignity”. This Fund has been initiated by Rwandans to fast-track and own their development. This will also improve the level of financial autonomy of Rwanda as a Nation. The Fund will be financed by voluntary contributions from Rwandan citizens in Rwanda, Rwandan citizens abroad, private companies and Friends of Rwanda. The Agaciro Development Fund sets the tone that Rwandans will work together to drive their own development.

The Agaciro Development Fund (AgDF) will finance key priority projects for the Nation as identified by Vision2020. During the annual campaign, Rwandans will be consulted to decide which priorities will be financed and the outcome of these consultations will be validated at the Umushyikirano (National Dialogue). 

The AgDF is an independent fund. It is a national campaign directed at galvanizing all Rwandans to take a more active role in the nation’s development. The fund should showcase Rwandan solidarity as well as the opportunity for high levels of accountability related to implementation. During specific outlined period, the fund will educate the population, and the world at large, of priorities that have be completed from direct funding from Rwandans. This  is  the  first  launch  in Coventry  UK