Saturday, 6 October 2012

President Kikwete opens the Tanzania Diaspora Conference in Edmonton, Canada, October 5, 2012

 Delegates to the Tanzania Diaspora Conference listen to The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete delivering his speech at the Fantasy Land Resort in Edmonton, Canada
 A historical moment as Tanzanians in Canada come together under one roof for the conference
 "...Thank you Your Excellency for gracing this occasion..."
 Ok let's have our photo taken
 Happy Tanzanians are delighted to unite
 All the way from Washington DC is Mr Phanuel Peter Ligate who is delighted to be here with His Excellency as he represents  Tanzania Diaspora in the USA 
 The Director General of the National Social Security Fund Dr Ramadhan Dau (left) with his team are in town for the conference, ready to introduce the now popular WESTADI Scheme to the \Tanzanian Diaspora in Canada
 President Kikwete with the NSSF delegation led by its Chairman of the fund's Board of Directors,  Mr Abubakar Rajabu (left)
 Happy to be here
 We Love you Mr President...
 Awesome to having you around Mheshimiwa....
 Smiles all around as President Kikwete is mobbed by the excited delegates
 Hohohohohoooo You have made our day sir

 Now, why should I remove my shades...? Just click...
 "....Hey mom and dad, when will youi take me to our motherland...?
 Just can't wait to take the next plane to Tanzania
 Smile guys...
 President Kikwete with Taarab King Mzee Yusuf (right) and Bongo Fleva guru Profesa J
 Peace, says the DJ of the night and organising commitee member
 Oh what a night....
 When you guys are done, dinner will be served....Just tell us when

 Guess its time to migrate back home...

 Is this really happening....?
 Wonder if the videographers will do the needful
 Who said minus 2 is chilly?
 Another round of applause please.. Hey AICC boss clap some more
 I could spend the whole week here....
 Now, when is dinner served?
 Mr Pres is awesome, man!
 Now, why did I have to leave so early as Balozi in Tanzania...
 No worries, we are one
 Roses are red....
 This is what am talking about...
 Songas boss in the House!
 Oh, let the night stretch on..
 Hey, some guy is taking our photo here....
 Tanzania investment Centre's boss Mr Mbilinyi ready to woo back home Tanzania Diaspora
 Makofi tafadhali...
 Zanzibar will love this, don't you think so Mr Elibahati?
 Bird's eye view
 "Mom.. when will my cake be cut?
 We are Bongolanders in Canada!
Mzee Yusuf and profesa J mobbed by fans at their table
 National Anthems

 Mhhhh..... I can smell dinner
Guys remember home sweet home. East or West home is best...