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About the Book
Kenya went to the polls in December 27, 2007. The presidential votes were not properly tallied. The incumbent was declared the winner. The opposition protested the results. They took to the streets bringing all businesses to a standstill. Violence broke out in western Kenya where the opposition enjoyed much support. There was looting and setting on fire property of their rivals.
The Kalenjin tribe came out armed with arrows, bows and machetes and started killing and torching houses belonging to other tribes they have been living with for over forty years and asking them to leave. The politicians were unable to sit down and sort out the chaos.
African Union intervened and they agreed to sit down under the chairmanship of Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of United Nations. Kofi spent a whole month in Kenya and he finally succeeded to make the two groups to agree to work together in a government of national unit which cooled the political temperatures in the country.
Mogaka a Kenyan national living a broad, who was closely monitoring the unfortunate development goes to Kenya and finds out the truth by himself. He talks to his people who gave him first hand information.
Mogaka found out that the conflict had displaced people from their homes, families have been separated, and people have been chased away from their work place.
The conflict has had an effect in the social integration in Kenya.
With the leaders agreeing to share the government, the Kenyan population is promised of peace and stability. The credit goes to Kofi Annan who worked hard to broker the agreement. The people of Kenya have agreed to honour Kofi by naming all new born baby boys after him. The wild life wardens have already named a baby rhino after him.
About the Author
I was born in Kisii District, south West of Kenya, in 1957. I went to Riosiri primary school in 1965 and the following year moved to Tindereti primary school in Borabu District where I studied from 1966 to 1971.In 1972 joined Uriri High School where I completed my Secondary Education. In 1977 I Joined Asumbi Teachers Training College for a two year teaching course. After graduation I was employed as a primary school teacher. After teaching for ten years, I joined Agra University India for further studies. I studied a BA degree in English literature, economics and political science. I also studied for a Diploma in Labour welfare and another in Industrial Relations from Indian school of labour Education Madras.
After graduation I returned to Kenya and was employed to teach literature in English and Business studies at Marani Secondary School in Kisii District and 1996 moved to Sengera Girls High school in Gucha District.
During my days in secondary education and teaching I was very much influenced by the writing of Oko’t P’Bitek, especially song of Lawino and Song of Ocol. It was one of the set books for secondary level examination syllabus. During this time I started developing interest in writing. I wrote poems which are unpublished and some of which I have used in this narrative.
In 1998 I came to United Kingdom to study. Since then I have lived in UK studying and working.
I studied for a master of Arts degree in education at Trinity college ( University of Liverpool).I was employed with teaching personnel Ltd as a supply teacher, teaching English and Business studies, later with In front supply Ltd. At the moment I am studying for a law degree at the University of Wales, through Holborn College London.

Free Preview
Kofi, my heart pleads for my homeland
The land inhabited by my family and friends
And the departed souls of relatives
Whom I now know,
We will never see each other again
Perhaps in the next world.

I find it difficult
To hold my tears back
They keep on falling
Like rain from the skies
When I see those pictures
Constantly being shown
On television screens
About the raging crises
The undeclared war
In my homeland.

I have pain all over my body
My whole body aches,
When I watch the news
About the atrocities
Being committed in my homeland.

The election results announced
Is not what they voted for.

The police had banned
All demonstrations, protests
With or without notice
In the name of state security.
There is fear that the demonstrations
Are most likely
To turn violent
And high jacked by hooligans.

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