Friday, 19 September 2008


A bussiness incubation program run by SAHARA COMMUNITIES ABROAD was launched yesterday at the Kenya High commission London

SACOMA’s core service is the provision of Information Advice and Guidance (IAG), and support through outreach, awareness creation, workforce development and enterprise.

The IAG service is developing into a specialised service to accommodate and engage the sensitivities of the hard to reach communities facing considerable barriers to allowing them to access available services to allow for their personal development.

Sacoma is interested in supporting the African migrant and BAME community into rewarding and sustainable life where they are empowered and know where to seek for further help by providing an IAG service which empowers beneficiaries to engage successfully with the mainstream service and the economic activities

SACOMA was established in 2000 to support Kiswahili speaking communities from Sub-Saharan Africa living in the UK, many of whom are experiencing disadvantage, such as poverty, social isolation and discrimination.

Ayoub mzee with Prez Ochieng -CEO SACOMA
To empower, inform and educate members of the Kiswahili community to enable them to overcome disadvantage and social exclusion and effectively participate in the social and economic regeneration of marginalized communities in the UK.