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If you're looking for an apprenticeship that will really take you places, then look no further! As an apprentice in the Land Rover dealer network you'd be part of a team that achieves what are almost certainly the highest completion and pass rates for any apprenticeship in any industry. You'd be working exclusively with Land Rover vehicles – one of the world's greatest and most sought after brands.

These two students are from Nairobi kenya who have just joined the apprentship

And as part of the intensive training that would prepare you for a rewarding career in the motor industry, you'd get to go on the sort of adventure that money just can't buy, in our unique initiative, Apprentices are MAD. You'd be the envy of your mates!
No matter what type of automotive career you've set your heart on, we have an apprenticeship that will give you the skills you'll need to make the grade.
Ayoub mzee with the Head of the Apprentiship Academy in Warwickshire

Apprentices are MAD (Making a Difference) is a fantastic and quite unique adventure, which involves Land Rover final year apprentices participating in a community project in the African bush, Amazon rainforest or Indian subcontinent. The event is now in its fifth year, and past participants unanimously vote the eye-opening, character-building event the most extraordinary experience of their lives. This year's MAD Adventure parties have visited Tanzania and Peru!

Today's successful Land Rover dealership is a well-oiled business operation serving a customer base that demands the very best customer service, and we're constantly on the lookout for young, new talent that can assist with the future development of the brand.

Motor apprenticeships are available in all of the key dealership disciplines. Our most popular is service technician (car mechanic) and the fastest growing are the non-technical apprenticeships in effective communication and parts.
For 2008 we've introduced two all-new technical apprenticeships in body repair and paint refinishing. And now you can even get involved with a car apprenticeship as part of your school studies, with our exciting Years 10 & 11 motor apprentice programme, Young Apprenticeships.

Unlike most motor apprenticeships, which typically pack their students off to a local college on day release to learn their craft on whatever equipment they happen to have about, all Land Rover apprentice training is conducted in regular blocks at dedicated Land Rover training facilities by dedicated Land Rover instructors / assessors.

The Range Rover Launch Video

See The Range Rover, the most complete luxury SUV Land Rover has ever produced, exhibit its effortless power and peerless presence.
View The Range Rover launch video (17.6 MB - 1 min 47 secs)

PHOTOS: Ayoub mzee

THURSDAY OCTOBER 30TH – FRONTLINE STATES 1960-1990- Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Tanzania's role in the South African struggle against apartheid. Panel: Apollo Temu (Tanzanian Community - Edinburgh Community Association -TzECA), Lazarus Chiselal (Scotland Zambia Association) ; Norman Chipakupaku (ex Zambian Cabinet minister) Esther Mokhali (Glasgow South African ANC activist); and Rogerio Goma (Angolan journalist and A&CN Board member)
FREE ENTRY : TIME & VENUE: 6pm-8.30pm @ Gara offices, 30 Bell Street Glasgow G1 1LG

There are also many South African & Mandela 90 related events for BHM (including lectures talks, films organized by ACTSA Scotland, Glasgow Universities see for the full BHM programme brochure online The highlight is on October 25th the Mandela/Tambo lecture and day conference 10.30am-4pm @ Govan Mbeki building, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Rd, G2 - with the Mozambican High Commissioner the UK, and Pallo Jordan ANC NEC and Cabinet member for Arts & Culture. (contact for details)

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Graham Campbell (Chairperson African & Caribbean Network 2007-2009)

The wait is over!!. You don't have to believe the hype anymore...YOU BE THE JUDGE!! BONGOLAND II is now on DVD. Some have compared the movie to Ousmane Sembène films, some raved on its dramatic well thought provoking story...but now you will have a say. You can watch the movie and make your own call.

Yes, it is now available on DVD. You can order it today from

Like the previous Kibira Film's movies, when you buy this DVD you get more than just a movie. You get an insight of what went on during production, you will meet the crew and how they dealt with the challenges of producing a movie in Dar-es-salaam. You meet the people of Dar...the spectators, the local crew and our many hosts. That is not all, you also get some deleted scenes not included in the movie.
But above all be prepared to enjoy the movie as acted by talented people from Tanzania. We can guarantee that the story will move and entertain you at the same time.
At the end of the movie you may agree that leaving home is sometimes much easier than returning home....


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