Monday, 8 September 2008

the commonwealth Nkabom Project 08

Dear All,
We are proud to present to you MY N9GEEZIEE (Representing Nigeria Positively) and NCUK NIGERIA INDEPENDENCE FAMILY FUNFAIR, The highly positive and encouraging feedback from last month’s successful hosting of the Nigerian Carnival "GREEN-WHITE- GREEN PARTY 2008 has emboldened us to plan another epoch-making event.The two events is designed primarily to celebrate Nigeria 48th independent and we hope to use the platform to celebrate Nigerian children and youth, to educate and enlighten them about Nigeria and to showcase the cultural diversity and commercial vibrancy of the country. We also hope to use this platform to look into the issues surrounding the GUN and KNIFE crime in London, how it's affecting our children, youth and the community as a minority in the United Kingdom. We hope to achieve this through an integrated showcasing of Nigerian culture and arts on a grand podium, supported by various organisations, in a festival atmosphere, to be enjoyed by all and sundry.
Nigeria’s cultural diversity is widely acclaimed: the country is home to an estimated 150 million people, distributed across thirty-six states and the federal capital territory, with an estimated 250 ethnic groupings. Nigerians are deeply religious people and the country is home to (amongst other religions) Christianity, Islam and traditional worshippers.
The Nigerian Carnival event is targeted at all who are interested in Nigeria, people of all ages, particularly those living in the Diaspora. We aim for an inclusive event inspired by the rich tapestry of colours and vibrant textures that are unarguably Nigerian and synonymous with her people – her arts, culture, music, films, heritage, food, natural resources, accoutrements, wildlife, traditions, languages and landscape.OUR MISSION• To promote and preserve Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.• To bridge the cultural gap between the several generations of Nigerians living in the UK. We aim to educate British-born Nigerians who may not have had the opportunity to learn about Nigeria’s culture and traditions on a first-hand basis.• To foster community cohesion by bringing people together to explore, enjoy and celebrate a unique and distinctive Nigerian way of life.• To promote inter-racial tolerance and harmony by bringing together the different ethnic mix of people living in the Greater London Boroughs and those expected to attend the Nigerian Carnival events from all around the UK and the world.. In effect, through this event, we aim to correct the general misconceptions about Nigeria and indeed, Nigerians.Event One:My N9geeziee... 'Reppin' naija to the fullest', we plan to use this platform to extend the spirit of the Nigerian carnival to the night crawlers and most importantly to celebrate Nigeria's 48th birthday.The Venue:Club Vogue, 516 Old Kent Road (next to McDonalds drive) London SE1 5BATime: 10pm - 5amDate: Friday, 3rd October 2008.Event Two:Ever since Nigerians has been celebrating Nigeria's independence celebration in the United Kingdom, there's no provision for our children and their parents in a family gathering, perhaps we decided to bring together Nigerian families in a funfair activities. We have chosen 3 themes around which all the activities of the NCUK Nigeria Independence Family Funfair shall focus:1. Entertainment through music, culture, arts and sports2. Community3. CharityThe Venue:Broadwater Farm Community CentreAdams Road, Tottenham N17 6HETime: 11am - 8pmDate: Sunday, 5th October 2008Our ProposalWe therefore invite you to be a PARTNER, a GOLD SPONSOR, SUPPORTER, GUEST or a major EXHIBITOR at the Nigerian Carnival UK Nigeria Independence Family Funfair – an event which is not just another jamboree, but a significant andveritable diplomatic tool and an instrument for sustainable development of commerce and trade for Nigeria and her people.
We believe your valuable support as a partner or sponsor of one our events shall provide a fantastic commercial opportunity for your company to market its services and products to the captive audience and the potential customers that we shall attract to the carnival.We look forward to welcoming you on board as one of our Partners/Sponsors, Supporters, Guests and Exhibitors at the NCUK Nigeria Independence Family Funfair.For more information please visit
www.nigeriancarniva, www.nigeriancarniva or send email to info@nigeriancarniv and office@nigeriancarn
Thank you all.