Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lambeth Labour party: Stop the witch hunt!


On 3rd July, members of the Local Labour party in Lambeth made history by democratically electing three Black women to be their prospective candidates in the Larkhall ward.
One would have thought that Local party bosses would have been ecstatic with the news. After all never before has three Black candidates been elected to stand in one ward much less three Black women.
Sadly though for some people in the party this democratic result wasn’t one they could easily celebrate, not least because the victory for the three women meant that a prominent Councilor and Cabinet member Pete Robbins would lose his seat.
Worse still for some, one of the women Adeline Aina, a strong community activist has fought local issues with some party members and at one point was a Liberal Democrat candidate.
Although Party bosses won’t admit it all of this democracy has been too much to bear and the local Labour Party Forum, where Cllr Robins has many powerful friends, has decided to suspend the process, at least for Adeline. The Forum now demand that she return for another interview. Reasons for this almost unprecedented action have not been forthcoming.
The Local party should be warned against this shocking witch hunt, which has all the hallmarks of powerful white men manipulating their privilege and undermining the democratic process.
Yes, it’s true that Adeline was once a Liberal Democrat, and some politicians don’t like those who switch parties. But the local Labour Party has Cllr Sally Prentice who was once a Lib Dem who switched to Labour and now enjoys the privilege of being a Cabinet member.
Sadly in Lambeth, too often Black members and Black councilors tell the most horrendous stories of ‘divide and rule’ tactics and that Black councilors disproportionately face disciplinary issues.
A number of party members and Councilors contacted OBV. Afraid to give their personal details for fear of political intimidation and reprisals, one said:
Some behave like it’s their fiefdom; if you get in their way they’ll crush you."
Our pledge to Adeline is that Black and white people in Lambeth and way beyond will not stand idly by and allow you to be bullied by political thugs.
Your desire to serve the people of Lambeth is admirable, moreover, you’ve gone about it using the legitimate democrat tools of the local Labour party.
It is a shame your energy and talent isn’t recognized, if it was, and if you were elected the council and the borough would all benefit.
There will be a peaceful protest this saturday at 10:00 am 27th July, Windrush Square, to, as the activist say: 'to save our democracy. 

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