Thursday, 11 September 2014

AU Mission Arrives in Kigali to Mobilize Rwanda Civil Society to Participate in ECOSOCC

Description: Description: IMG_6503.JPGKigali, Rwanda, September 2014 – The African Union (AU) Mission for the sensitization of the African Civil Society Community to register and participate in the continent-wide process of elections into the 2nd Economic Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) General Assembly landed in Kigali, Rwanda, today, on the second leg of its campaign in East Africa.

The delegation is composed of Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe, Advisor to the AUC Chairperson, Dr. Jinmi Adisa, AUC Director for Civil Society and Diaspora (CIDO), Mr. Joseph Chilengi, IDP, Zambia - Member of the 2nd ECOSOCC General Assembly as well as concerned Departmental focal persons. The AU delegation was received at the airport by Ambassador Mutanguha.

Following a successful stopover in Kampala, Uganda, the campaign mission will continue on to cover Tanzania, Seychelles and eventually, Eritrea. Parallel missions are currently being conducted in Central and Lusophone Africa.

The meeting with African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Rwanda is scheduled to take place in the Conference room of the Gorillas Golf Hotel on Thursday 11th September 2014 and will be followed by media, radio and television interviews.