Monday, 21 January 2013's lekgotla: Has Obama done enough for Africa?
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As 2013 gets underway, we are pleased to showcase a sample of our new content.  In honor of the Obama Inauguration and MLK Day, we have special pieces that explore connections between these two significant events and Africa.

For starters, we are proud of the 3 minute film we produced with a spotlight on the South African superstar who is performing at an inaugural ball for the Obamas tonight in Washington DC.  We love this brilliant and talented woman, who was also featured in our film, Africa Straight Up.  Please get to know her:

This is the first MLK Day after the discovery of a previously unheard audiotape of MLK speaking about his travels to, and views on, Ghana.  Hear what MLK had to say about the civil rights movement and Ghana:

Our Nigerian friends love the story we did on Why Retailers Love Nigerians. Find out what this love is all about on our blog:

Our readers like us to do the work for them, and to unpack complex political situations and make them easily digestible.  With the tragic crisis in Mali still unfolding, we put together a quick  primer on Mali - essentials to make you well informed at a dinner party when the topic comes up:

We all know that one of the big economic challenges on the continent is for Africa to stop selling her raw materials, and to add value to these resources before shipping them overseas.  We explore this notion with respect to two of our favorite raw materials - chocolate and coffee:

And, Johannesburg was recently invaded by millions of these.  You have to read the story to find out what these are.  Go ahead, it will warm your heart and make you smile!

Lastly, we have now started producing a DAILY Top 10 newsletter for those of you who wish to get the best and most important African news, not all the news, delivered  to your inbox each day.  As always, subscription is free, and you can sign up here:

We invite you to bookmark and to visit us more frequently.  Our content team is doing a great job bringing fresh content to the site each day in response to what you tell us you want to see on  As always, please send us your feedback, and let us know what you like, and what you wish were different.

Here's hoping that 2013 brings you and your family good health and high spirits.
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