Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Korean Cultural Centre is pleased to present Twin Town, an exhibition of new artwork by Korean and European Artists.
Minae Kim and Phyllida Barlow, with guest Jenny Dunseath.
Jiho Won and Tariq Alvi.
Chanmin Park and Erasmus Schröter
Twin Town is made up of three 'pairs' of artists, bringing together a Korean artist with a European counterpart. These pairs (one of which includes a guest) are based on lines of practice; sculpture, installation and photography.
This approach deliberately veers away from making an exhibition easily tick-boxed as a Korean art show and instead opts to show art by artists from Korea alongside art by artists from the UK and Germany. In this way Twin Town acknowledges the wider fact that contemporary artists from all sides of the world can be found working next to one another. Curated by Jeremy Akerman.
The exhibition continues till 24th October.
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