Sunday, 9 September 2012

                                                         H.E  MELES  ZENAWI (R.I.P)
 this year’s ben  tv  UK Diplomatic   awards  will be  dedicated  to  the  memory of  H.E  Melesi  Zenawi. Prime Minister Meles was an inspirational spokesman for Africa on global issues and provided leadership and vision on African  matters. Prime Minister Meles was a respected African leader.
 He demonstrated his strong personal commitment over many years to improving the lives of not just his own but all African peoples, through his work on African unity, climate change, development and in promoting peace and stability, particularly in the Horn of Africa

 . Prime Minister Zenawi will be remembered for his exceptional leadership and advocacy on African issues within and outside the continent, as well as for overseeing his country's economic growth and development
 Meles Zenawi was an economic transformer, he was a strong intellectual leader for the continent. Meles Zenawi was a great leader, an intellectual, someone who was very dedicated to pan-Africanism.

the  management of  BEN TV  has  decided  to  award  a  Post homous  award  of THE  ORDER  OF KILIMANJARO .The esteemed award of the Order of Kilimanjaro is an African ritual of commendation and recognition of the exceptional contribution of a chosen individual toward the advancement of the human race.
The Order of Kilimanjaro is the highest honor to be bestowed on anyone by indigenous Africans resident in the United Kingdom.
The presentation of the Order of Kilimanjaro shall showcase the rich traditions and culture of the African Diaspora. An investiture with the Order of Kilimanjaro is comparable with the coronation of a Chieftain in certain parts of the continent of Africa. This year's elaborate and colorful ceremony shall feature rituals specially arranged by Ethiopia tradition
The investitute with the Order of Kilimanjaro shall culminate in the presentation of a staff of office, specially hand-crafted from Ethiopia . This staff shall serve as a proud symbol of excellence and the attributes of a true human being dedicated to the dignity of humanity.

15th September 2012

Fashions from the designers are presented in a fast-paced, live runway show. Guests will be treated to a fabulous display of elegant Africa oriented and high-end fashion in an array of categories from Busuuti to evening wear with a touch of Africa.
This year's Ugandan fashion extravaganza designer's include:

Racheal Kisti, of Racheal Kisti designs. Her use of sumptuous fabrics, vivid colours and clothing culture frames the epitome of luxury enhanced by African influences through her clothes- An impressive yet practical achievement, considering she is a self-taught designer. Endorsing this sort of ambitious vision has helped Racheal’s foray into Fashion. Her previous collections showcased at Fashion4Africa, Africa Fashion Week London, Zed Eye show and featured in Pride and Black Beauty magazines. She has nominated a cult following among fashion lovers and continues to impress.

Connie Shalita Uwineza of Clisha makes bespoke and ready-to-wear clothes for the curvacious woman who is sexy, elegant and classy. This UK based designer originally from Uganda has been designing clothes for her brand for the last four years. Connie prizes her clothes on making the customer look unique and beautiful since she believes one can't put a prize on fashion.
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Judith Banya-Kyanda of Mikolo store has become a house-hold name in the diaspora not just among Ugandans but other nationalities alike due to the passion with which she has promoted Ugandan traditional wear from all areas including gomesis, omwenda, kanzu, kikoyi and Umshanana. She is also actively involved in promoting and preserving the traditional lifestyle including drums, jewellery, art and crafts, mats and rugs.

The mikolo store range will maintain the heritage of the brand, full of olubugo (organic bark cloth), and will also add vibrancy, print, colour and exuberance in élite fabrics that have attracted a multinational customer base to Ugandan traditional wear.
Judith Banya
Fashion show Cordinator