Wednesday, 26 September 2012



Warembo watakao ingia kambi ya Miss Tanzania 2012 hawa hapa

Redds Miss Lake zone 2012/13 Eugene Fabian (katikati) akiwa pamoja na , mshindi wa Tatu Happiness Rweyemamu na Kulia kwake ni mshindi wa pili Happiness Daniel warembo hawa wataingia kambi ya REDDS Miss Tanzania 2012.
Jumla ya warembo 30 wanataraji kuingia kambi ya REDDS MISS TANZANIA 2012 wakati wowote baada ya kumalizika kwa mashindano ya Vitongoji, Mikoa, na hatimaye Kanda mwishoni mwa wiki iliyopita.

Kwa mujibu wa mashindano hayo ya Kanda ambayo kila Kanda imetoa washindi wa tatu ambao wataziwakilisha Kanda zaoi katika Shindano hilo kubwa na laiana yake.
Warembo hao na Kanda zao wanazotoka ni Redds Miss Kanda ya Kaskazini Warida Frenk, Anande Raziel na Lucy Stefano, Redd’s Miss Kanda ya Mashariki 2012 ni  Rose Lucas, Irine Veda na Joyce Baluhi , Redds Miss Kinondoni Brigit Alfred, Diana George Hussein na Irene David.
Kanda nyingine ni Redds Miss Lake zone 2012 Eugene Fabian,Happiness Daniel na Happiness Rweyemamu, Redd's Miss Tameke 2012, Edda Sylvester, Flavian Maeda na Catherine Masumbigana, Redds Miss Kanda ya Kati, Belinda Mbogo, Lightness Michael na Elizabeth Diamond.
Washiriki wengine watakao ingia Kambini ni kutoka kanda ya Redds Miss Ilala 2012, Mary Chizi, Magdalena Munisi na Noela Michael, Redds Kanda Vyuo vya Elimu ya Juu, Virginia Mokiri, Fatma Ramadhani na Fina Revocatus, kanda nyingine ni ya Kutoka Chuo Kikuu Huria ni Zuwena Nassibu na Redds Miss Southern Zone Naomi Jones, Caren Elias na Venance Edward.
Kesho Septemba 26, 2012 Kamati ya Miss Tanzaniaikiongozwa na Mkurugenzi wake Hashim Lundenga kutoka Lino International Agency watakutana na waandishi wa Habari katika Ukumbi wa Idara ya Habari Maeleo majira ya saa 4:00 asubuhi kuzungumzia maandalizi ya Kambi hiyo.

Redds Miss kanda ya Kaskazini Warida Frenk katikati akiwa na washindi wenzake Anande Raziel kulia na lucy stefano kushoto mara baada ya kutawazwa kuwa washindi wa Redds Miss Kanda ya kaskazini,Washindi hao wanatarajiwa kujiunga kwenye kambi ya Redds Miss Tanzania hapo baadae ili kujiandaa na shindano la Taifa la Redds Miss Tanzania.

Redd’s Miss Kanda ya Mashariki 2012, Rose Lucas katikati akipunga mkono kwa furaha akiwa na mashindi wa pili Irine Veda (kulia) na Mshindi wa tatu Joyce Baluhi mara baada ya warembo hao kutangazwa kuwa washindi wa shindano hilo lililofanyika mjini Morogoro usiku wa Septemba Septemba 1, mwaka huu. Warembo hawa wote watashiriki shindano la Redd’s Miss Tanzania 2012 baadae mwaka huu.

Mshindi wa shindano la Redds Miss Kinondoni Brigit Alfred, akiwapungia mkono mashabiki walioshuhudia shindano hilo jijini Dar es Salaam jana, kulia ni mshindi wa pili Diana George Hussein na mshindi watatu Irene David. Brigit pia anashikilia taji la Redds Miss Sinza 2012 huku Irine akishikilia taji la Miss Ubungo 2012.

Malkia wa Redd's Miss Tameke 2012, Edda Sylvester (katikati), akiwa na mshindi wa pili Flavian Maeda (kushoto), pamoja na Catherine Masumbigana aliyeshika nafasi ya tatu katika kilele cha mashindano hayo, Ukumbi wa PTA Sabasaba, Dar es Salaam usiku wa kuamkia leo.

 Naomi Jones, Caren Elias na Venance Edward

Redds Miss Kanda ya Kati, Belinda Mbogo (katikati) akiwa na mshindi wa pili Lightness Michael (kushoto) na mrembo aliyetwaa nafasi ya tatu Elizabeth Diamond baada ya kumalizika kwa shindano hilo mjini Dodoma hivi karibuni. warembo hawa wote wameingia kambi ya Miss Tanzania 2012.

Redds Miss Ilala 2012, Noela Michael akiwa na mshindi wa pili Magdalena Munisi (kulia) na mshindi wa tatu Mary Chizi (kushoto) mara baada ya kutangazwa kuwa mshindi wa shindano la Redd's Miss Ilala 2012.
 THE young man who purportedly discovered Libya's Muammar Gaddafi hiding in a drainage pipe nearly a year ago has died of injuries after being kidnapped, beaten and slashed by the late dictator's supporters.
He is the latest victim of persistent violence and instability in the North African country.
The death yesterday of Omran Shaaban, who had been hospitalised in France, raised the prospect of even more violence and score-settling, with the newly elected National Congress authorising police and the army to use force if necessary to apprehend those who abducted the 22-year-old and three companions in July near the town of Bani Walid.
Libya is battling lingering pockets of support for the old Gaddafi regime, and its government has been unable to rein in armed militias in a country rife with weapons. Earlier this month, a demonstration at the US consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi turned violent, killing four Americans, including the US ambassador.
Shaaban was praised as a "dutiful martyr'' by the National Congress, although his family says he never received a promised reward of 1 million Libyan dinars ($A773,432) for capturing Gaddafi on October 20, 2011, in the former leader's hometown of Sirte. The eccentric dictator was killed later that day by revolutionary fighters.
The Libyan government said it would honour Shaaban with a funeral befitting a hero. His body was greeted at the airport in his hometown of Misrata by more than 10,000 people for a procession to a soccer stadium for funeral prayers.
Omran Shaaban
The coffin of Omran Ben Shabaan is carried as thousands of Misrata residents pay their respects during his funeral at Misrata stadium in Misrata, Libya. AFP PHOTO/STRINGER Source: AFP
Photos on social media websites showed a wooden coffin with a glass window that revealed Shaaban's face, with white gauze covering his head.
In the capital of Tripoli, several hundred protesters gathered outside the headquarters of the National Congress to demand that the government avenge Shaaban's death.
Shaaban's family said that he and three friends had been on their way home to the western city of Misrata from a vacation in July when they were attacked by gunmen in an area called el-Shimekh near Bani Walid.
Shaaban and his friends, who like many Libyans were armed, fired back, the family said.
Two bullets hit Shaaban, and he was paralysed from the waist down, his relatives said. The men were captured by militiamen from Bani Walid, a town of about 100,000 people that remains a stronghold of Gaddafi loyalists and is isolated from the rest of Libya.
President Mohammed el-Megarif visited Bani Walid this month and secured the release of Shaaban and two of his companions. A fourth is still being held.
When Shaaban was finally brought home, he was "skin and bones'' - still paralysed, frail and slipping in and out of consciousness, according to his brother, Abdullah Shaaban.
"It was clear he was beaten a lot,'' Abdullah Shaaban said. ``His entire chest was sliced with razors. His face had changed. It wasn't my brother that I knew.''
Omran Shaaban later was flown to France for medical treatment.
Shaaban, the second youngest in a family of nine children, was a member of Libya Shield, a loose coalition of the country's largest militias relied on by the Defence Ministry.
Libya's president released a statement today vowing that those responsible for the violence against Omran Shaaban would be punished.
But apprehending and disarming the militants in Bani Walid are among the most daunting tasks facing the government. The town is heavily armed with rocket-propelled grenades, automatic weapons and artillery left over from last year's civil war.
Residents of Bani Walid say that pictures of Gaddafi are displayed during weddings and youths play his speeches on their cars' stereos. Students refrain from singing Libya's new national anthem and teachers refuse to follow the revised curriculum.
Bani Walid fighters were blamed for many of the sniper attacks, shelling, rapes and other violence against the city of Misrata during the civil war, and there were new calls on yesterday from residents of Misrata for vengeance against Bani Walid.
Shaaban's eldest brother, Walid, insists there will be justice for the family, regardless of whether the government is the one to administer it.