Friday, 21 September 2012

Praisetek light brings life to Gospel night of glory in London, as greats gather for award night

Pator Peter Oyebobola
World greats in the World of Gospel music will converge in London on September 29 for a major award night. The event which will hold in East London has been put together as an empowering event to celebrate topshots in the Gospel world, encourage many unsung old Gospel artists and recognise many upcoming stars waiting for appraisals. Praisetek supremo, Pastor Peter Oyebobola(Mr Praisetek) claims the night will be a night of honour and glory for all visitors with lots of goodies waiting. He says: ” Come and share a night full of fresh anointing and spiritual empowerment.
Gospel Singers across the Globe will converge in London for a landmark award night and dinner parties, organized to celebrate the new image of Gospel music which has impacted so much to the world morally and religiously.
The Gospel award night is organised by London based Praisetek, a frontline Gospel music organisation which for almost fifteen years has used the language of Regae, Raga, Soka and Calypso styles of music to win souls with the effect so much felt in London town and beyond, and drawing hundreds of youths into the world of religious and moral values learnings.
According to the organiser of the event, Pastor Peter Oyebobola (aka Mr Praisetek), Praisetek award night is one of its kind as the organisation brings together all types of  Afro-European and American gospel music artists under one umbrella  in an attempt to  familiarise  the Gospel music family of Christ and dish out anointing and spiritual empowerment and it has been assured to be a night of the meeting great minds in the world of music.
Praisetek award night of glory coming up on September 29 2012
Praisetek Gospel Award night in its fourth year of the award has come to stay, having staged three previous awards in the past years.
According to Pastor Peter: “It is an annual dinner and  award night ceremony that will  appreciate, encourage, promote and recognize the immense contributions of various Gospel artists into the society, especially in the United Kingdom and Africa.
Already, so many nominees have been presented by their numerous fans and well-wishers with the tickets for the night going very fast”
Petr and Julie Oyebobola: Praisetek is honouring the highs and mighties in the world of Gospel music, with many new names lined up for honour
He claimed the night has been  designed to be a spectacular night with the  presence of friends, family, fans and many admirers coming to have fun and celebrating their stars.
It is a night that many new comers to Gospel music World will receive high appreciative commendations of “Well done and keep up the good work in building God’s kingdom” from their numerous fans.
Many big names have been lined up to perform on the night.
The Praisetek Gospel Music Awards will come up on Saturday September 29, 2012 and will attract the greatest names in the gospel music world with more than 60 top gospel singers in attendance and across all continents of the world.
The award night will feature live performances and comedy show with top stand-up comedians lined up for display of Gospel comedy in  a show-biz extravaganza and major entertainment night.
The award night will hold at The Round Chapel, Powercroft Road, Hackney, London E5 0PU.
Doors will open 5PM and the show commences at 6PM precisely.
*Tickets: Regular £10(Standard), £20special and £35 for the VIP 

Espionage?: Russia boots out US Agency for meddling in internal affairs

USAID:Booted out as Russia says it was over stepping boundaries
Russia has booted out of the country the United States Agency for International Development(USAID), accusing the organization of covertly engaging in espionage and meddling in Russia’s political affairs
Russia foreign Ministry claimed USAID has been discovered to be meddling in the internal affairs of Russia and therefore had its stay in the country declared no more tenable.
“The character of the agency’s work…did not always comply with the declared aims of cooperation in bilateral humanitarian cooperation,” Russia  Foreign Ministry said on its website, accusing USAID of capitalising on financial grants and aids to tamper with the course of political process.
“We are talking about issuing grants in an attempt to affect the course of the political processes in the country, including elections at different levels and institutions in civil society.”
According to the Foreign Ministry, USAID was attempting to manipulate all circumstances relating to the election processes in the country.
In an interview to Kommersant, Dmitry Peskov, President Putin’s press-secretary, suggested that the US agency was not abiding by the rules regulating their work with NGOs.
USAID now has until October 1 to close the mission down completely .
“As all foreign agencies that provide financial support for Russian NGOs, USAID should abide by Russia’s legal regulations,” Peskov said. “As long as the Americans abide by these norms, we obviously couldn’t make a decision to terminate their activities on Russian territory.”
Moscow‘s decision to halt USAID programs comes after Putin in July signed legislation that requires nongovernmental organizations….that receive funds from abroad to register as “foreign agents.”
Russian civil society has become fully matured”,  the Foreign Ministry said, and did not need any “external direction.” Moscow is ready to work with USAID in third-party countries, it said.
The law requires that Russian-based NGOs provide information as to how funds received from abroad are being used in Russia.
The United States has denied that USAID programs are aimed at interfering in Russia’s domestic affairs after  United States Agency for International Development (USAID)  confirmed  it was closing  its offices in Russia.
After 20 years of working in Russia, USAID officials said they were informed by the Russian government that their services were no longer required.
The United States has denied that USAID programs are aimed at interfering in Russia’s domestic affairs.
US State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland announced the termination of USAID’s operations in Russia on Tuesday. The Kremlin notified US officials they have until October 1 to close the mission.
Washington began its USAID operations in Moscow following the unexpected collapse of the Soviet Union. At that time, Russia was a basket case, dependent on IMF loan transfusions just to keep its head above water. USAID spent more than $2.6 billion in Russia on various projects, like cleaning up the environment and fighting against infectious diseases.
Russia’s domestic situation began to turn around, however, when the presidency passed from Boris Yeltsin to Vladimir Putin. Today, Russia has not only returned its debts, but is now a lender of last resort for countries hammered by the 2008 financial crisis.
Although Russia’s reversal of fortunes is often explained by its vast natural resources, political will also played a significant role in the progress.
Since Russia no longer sees itself as a charity case, USAID activities were increasingly viewed as not only redundant, but even a little humiliating.
Aside from the growing irrelevance of such foreign-sponsored activities, there was the nagging suspicion inside Russia that these agencies served as fronts for purely political motives.
This year, for example, USAID was allotted $50 million to finance its Russia activities. Approximately 60 per cent of the budget was to be used for promoting democracy and human rights. This represents a dramatic increase compared with the former Bush administration.