Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Tanzania Ambassador in Ethiopia H.E JORAM BISWARO
The ambassaodr and his Deputy clement mbwana

Embassy staff with guests at the reception

Dilomat Suma mwakusya (counsellor) and guets in a group photo

The ambassodor with guests in his office

The deputy ambassador Mr Clement Mbwana addressing guests

Diplomat suma and Minister counselor Eustance Lubuva( at the back in white shirt) with delegates

The ambassador with delegates from the university of Dar es salaam

Ayoub mzee paid a courtesy call

The UNDUGU hall at the mission where Tanzaniana and their friends meet to catch up

Ayoub mzee , the ambassador and his deputy

A group photo

By Ayoub mzee in Addis ababa

The Tanzania Embassador in Ethiopia H.E Dr Joram Biswaro welcomes a delegation from Tanzania led by Deputy Executive secretary of the Tanzania Law reform Commission Mr Adam Mambi as part of his daily routine.This mission can boast as one of the busiest mission in Africa since our ambassador there is also the parmanent representative of Tanzania to the AU. This mission among many things ,take s care of the different proffessional needs of different Tanzania delegations that are frequently visiting the UN or the AU or even passing through the country.
Did you also know that the Tanzania mission in addis ababa has a special hall that has a secret history of the liberation of Africa. Apparently , its this Hall that was used by mwalimu nyerere, nkurumah , Jomo kinyatta , His Majesty Haille silas and other liberators to plan the liberation and and independence of africa during those difficult years?. This Hall is now used and run by the Tanzania community(UDUGU) in Ethiopia as a meeting point and it holds a Bar and an eatery providind East Africa food like nyama choma and Ugali.It also has a dancing Hall.During my visit here i found lots of expatriates working with the UN and AU having a nice time. The Hall offers a pool table and table tennis. I would strongly recommend any visitor to Addis Ababa to visit this facility as it is home away from home
The contact address of the embassy is

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Ethiopia

P.O. Box 1077
Addis Ababa
+251-1 518155

From ASSAH MWAMBENE, Istanbul, Turkey

A Tanzanian project, which is aimed at linking tourism and horticultural development to reduce poverty, will be one of the projects to be presented at the second day of the on Going 4th UN Summit on the Least Developing Countries this afternoon.

An Official with the Geneva-based International Trade Centre (ITC), Mr. Silencer Mapuranga said the Tanzanian project was singled out because of its potential in eradicating poverty among the majority of the rural population.

He said the Tanzania’s project, is one of those pilot projects which demonstrate how the public-private partnership in the tourism sector could help to reduce poverty in the Least Developing countries.

“Because of its inclusiveness of the small scale producers, linking horticultural

Sub-sector and tourism expansion can lift millions out of poverty.” Says Felix Mosha,

the Chairman of the Horticultural Development Council of Tanzania (HODECT).

Mr. Mosha, who also the Chairman of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) says the project is aimed at addressing the supply chain and financing aspects and putting in place a mechanism to help Tanzanian farmers access market.

The UN Summit on the LDCs is assessing the results of the 10-year action plan for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) adopted at the Third United Nations Conference on LDCs in Brussels, Belgium, in 2001.

The conference will also adopt new measures and strategies for the sustainable development of the LDCs into the next decade.

The Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal is leading the Tanzania delegation to the Summit. More than 40 Heads of State and Government and the UN fraternity are attending the Summit.

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