Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dear friends of OBV,

Across Europe we know that the questions of Africans making their way to mainland Europe in order to flee poverty is too often looked upon with contempt. But in recent weeks European countries and particularly NATO have outdone their own shameful behaviour. For days a boat carrying African workers fleeing the Libyan civil war was ignored both by NATO and some EU countries when it pleaded for help and assistance. More than sixty people died of exhaustion and starvation.

After reading the OBV link to this story, I put it to you what should our collective response be? And doing nothing is not an option.

The week was further saddened by the untimely death of Southwark Mayor Tayo Situ. Nobody had a bad word for this man - rare in politics - precisely because he was hard working and a thoroughly decent man.

We thought we were over the police force persecuting BME officers, but the case regarding the two Bradford officers charged with fraud highlights a worrying element that has still not gone away.

Mimi Harker gave us something to cheer about as the first Black female Mayor in her borough as did the election of OBV’s chair Rita Patel to Leicester city council.

I want to return to the African migrant shameful tragedy and urge you to help us make a strong point to our elected representatives. To find out how to contact your local MP please log on to They Work For You.

Finally, we’re recruiting for the next round of our MP Shadowing Scheme, for more information on how to apply please see the OBV website.