Saturday, 21 May 2011

SOLOMON ARINDA 21 FEB 1989- 6 MAY 2011

SOLOMON ARINDA R.I. P - 21 FEB 89- 6 MAY 2011

A promising university student who had a love of riding bikes died after crashing his motorcycle in West Croydon last week.

Former Selhurst School for Boys pupil Solomon Alinda, 22, was in his second year at Ravensbourne University in Greenwich The aspiring artist was studying digital media and design animation and had a love of motorcycles from a young age.

Solomon's father, Martin Rwenzigye, said: “We have all cried and cried and we will miss him very dearly.

“He made us so proud and was such a kind and happy young man.

“He was just a very good boy, he never drank or smoked or stayed out all night and always looked out for his family.

Laughing about what he wanted to be when he graduated from university, Solomon's mother, Grace, said: “He was too ambitious, he wanted to do everything, he was looking forward to so many things but he went doing something he loved, he was happy and I know that.

“Solomon was loved by so many people, all the cards and flowers where he came off the bike have been very consoling.”

Every time he was here his smile would light up the house. We would hear the revs of his bike outside at night and know he was home.

“He has loved riding bikes, ever since he was a little boy.

“It was just a tragic accident, and thankfully no-one else was involved, no others cars, just Solomon on his own.”

Mr Alinda had been driving down Sumner Road in West Croydon on Friday at around 2pm when, it is thought, he did a wheelie on his super-bike and came off.

Paramedics rushed to the seen and he was treated by an air ambulance officer but was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Mrs Rwenzigye said: “He had so many friends and all his family loved him so much we know he will be really missed by everyone.”