Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ayoub mzee meets the UK Ambassador of the Government of sourthern Sudan H.E Paul Akaro

people of South Sudan have spoken clearly. They have voted for freedom, equality, justice and democracy. They have voted for the fulfilment of the ideals of our struggle. The official result of the referendum which indicates that 98.83% of the southern Sudanese voted for independence demonstrates that the people have chosen the path of permanent peace, human dignity and nationhood.

By this referendum we have ended one struggle and must now start a new one, that of nation building. We must consolidate our institutions and begin to play a major role in the region and among the community of nations. From now henceforth, we must protect this new nation and ensure that we do not end up in the same situation which we fought against. Never again shall the people of southern Sudan be oppressed for their political outlook. Never again shall the people of southern Sudan be discriminated on account of race or religion