Monday, 6 October 2008

in St Lucia

There seems to be alot of dogs in St Lucia.This is Grisley town at night

Connecting to the Islands by Air In Castries -St Lucia

Media attend workshop organised by Commonwealth Secretariat and St Lucia Government prior to Finance Ministers Meeting
Journalists attending the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting (CFMM) in Castries, St Lucia said media coverage of food security and high fuel prices in their respective countries could be more comprehensive and meaningful.
“This is a very important story, and we certainly need to do more factual, balanced and comprehensive coverage to make it more meaningful to our audiences,” said Ken Richards from the BBC Caribbean Service.
The journalists, from different Commonwealth countries, discussed how best to report on the issues during a one-day workshop on 5 October, organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the St Lucia Government Information Services.
Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General, Ransford Smith told them about the uniqueness of the association as a trusted partner in creating an avenue for member countries to discuss pertinent issues, share experiences, and build a consensus on issues of common interest.
The theme of this year's CFMM which opens on 6 October, is ‘Managing the Implications of High Food and Fuel Prices’.
Ministers will consider the implications of rising prices on economic and social development before turning to the policy implications for their portfolios.
“The discussions should enable Ministers to identify short and long-term policy responses to the fuel and energy crisis,” said Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma, in a statement ahead of the meeting.
Ministers will also discuss the ongoing Commonwealth call for the reform of international institutions, following the mandate given by its Heads of Government at their meetings in Kampala in 2007, and in June this year. The focus of their discussions will be to continue Commonwealth efforts to promote deeper reforms in the World Bank and IMF.
They will also follow up on their discussions of 2007 on the economic implications of climate change as well as its impact on the trading prospects of Small Stat

Ayoub Mzee
David Mugonyi -Daily Nation-Kenya