Wednesday, 29 October 2008



"Papers Please" -
The Impact of the Government's Civil Penalty Regime on the Employment Rights of Migrant Workers

Tuesday 11th November 2008, from 12 to 1.30 pm
Westminster Palace, Committee Room 6,

Chair: Dr Sonia McKay - Working Lives Research Institute, London Metropolitan University
Jon Cruddas, MP – Chair, Migration Parliamentary Group
Jack Dromey – Deputy General Secretary, Unite the Union
Ruth Grove-White – Migrants' Rights Network

In February 2008 the Government launched its civil penalty regime directed against employers employing undocumented migrant workers. Instant fines of up to £10,000 per worker can now be levied on any employer who is judged to have been lax in checking the immigration status of employees.

MRN's "Papers Please" report considers the impact of this measure on groups of workers. Amongst groups who are already judged to be vulnerable to exploitation and discrimination, the report finds evidence of a deteriorating situation involving the further erosion of the rights of migrant workers.

This event will be of keen interest to individuals and organisations concerned with the employment of migrants. As well as contributions from the platform speakers there will be opportunities for members of the audience to contribute their views and experiences of the way in which the measure is working.

All welcome, but to book your place please email Cristina Andreatta at
c.andreatta@ migrantsrights.