Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ayoub Mzee interviewing the Minister of Tourism and Environment Comrade Francis Nhema

Tanzania Ambassador in Zimbabwe Balozi Adadi Rajabu with the Botswana ambassador and Malawi Ambasador at the Tanzania Stand in Bulawayo at Sanganai

Balozi Adadi Rajabu with an Italian Investor at the Tanzania Stand at Sanganai

TTB reps

A ndebele dance


Tucked away into an ancient bushman's shelter, Camp Amalinda's charm will leave an indelible impression on every visitor. Some of the most majestic granite scenery in the world is found in the Matobo Hills. It is here that the hopes, trials and tribulations of the San Bushmen are recorded in the ancient rock art. Mammal and bird species are prolific and include the highest concentration of Leopard and Black Eagle in the world. Rated one of Africa's top ten boutique lodges by Conde Naste Traveller in 1998. Camp Amalinda consists of 9 individually thatched rooms including two romantic Honeymoon suites. You'll notice when entering your 'cave' like suite, the stark contrast between rough granite and uncompromisingly high levels of comfort, style and class - all in the keeping with its surrounds.

Each suite has been individually designed around great boulders and each differs in ambience in order to create a romantic feel without losing the vital soul of Africa herself. The honeymoon suites pay tribute to two great men - CJ Rhodes and King Lobengula - both suites are decorated by a mix of traditional, historic and nostalgic memorabilia. The lounge and entertainment area is tucked away into a bushman shelter with a panoramic view of the Matobo Hills. Delicious meals are served on a massive teak table in the open air dining room. A cosy library contains some of the old 'African Classics', whilst a secluded chess room, located amongst the tree tops guarantees peace and tranquillity. For the wine connoisseur, we recommend a visit to our natural cave wine cellar. At the base of the camp is Amalinda's famous 'rock' swimming pool - naturally shaped and carved over centuries by rain and wind erosion from a massive granite dome. It is here where African memories are made.... Safari Spa - amongst this most miraculous granite backdrop is an irresistible treasure worth experiencing......drift away on crisp linen, whilst the scents of Ancient African aromas swirl under the canopy of thatch and rock. Drops of aromatherapy oils are added to generous amounts of carrot and nut oils for that exclusive and private massage

Sauna also available. Camp Amalinda is a spiritual sanctuary which incorporates the sensitive beauty of the magnificent Matobo Hills and Africa's wide-open spaces.

Ayoub mzee with the Minister of Tourism and envirnment of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo