Thursday, 2 March 2017

Trump keeps Africa guessing 
by Peter Fabricius Which Trump will show up to Africa: the America First isolationist, or the Africanist taking a longer-term approach to the continent?
South Africa’s complete source of crime data and analysis ISS’ Crime Hub brings the public current crime statistics, interactive maps and policy analysis.
Xenophobia again jeopardises South Africa’s interests in Africa by Peter Fabricius It is high time South Africans tackle the problem of xenophobia for what it is – if only for the sake of self-interest.
Munich Security Conference: two elephants, one room by Ottilia Anna Maunganidze The conference discussed key global security issues, elevating the US – but leaving Africa in the blindspot.
Fighting rising piracy in the Gulf of Guinea by Barthélemy Blédé Strategies to combat piracy already exist, but countries must navigate the pitfalls that hinder implementation.
THINK AGAIN: The ICC can bring South Africa back into the fold by Simon Allison South Africa’s withdrawal from the ICC looked to be a fait accompli. This is no longer the case.