Thursday, 25 December 2014

Madrasah Alnoor Barking


 The madrasah started in April 2005. We have two madrasah for boys and girls.
  1. The weekday madrasah i.e Mon to Thu and
  2. The weekend madrasah i.e Sat and Sun
Contact: (T): 0208 5943100 or madrasah(at)

 Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust (ALNOORCET is an active group of local Muslim in Barking and Dagenham determine to provide a suitable infrastructure for the local muslim community in order to improve the condition of humanity around them and in so doing, help themselves in the next life.

 Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust (ALNOORCET) established on 19th December 2004.
ALNOORCET is a non profit making organisation with charitable status (Charity No: 1118963) aiming to provide the local Muslim community in Barking and Dagenham with an Islamic Centre for Religious Worship, Islamic Education and Community Activities.


·         To Provide a local Islamic centre for Islamic Education, Religious Worship and place for    community activities.
·         To  Develop and provide Islamic educational services to local Muslim Community.
·          Educate both Muslims and Non-Muslims in the local community.
·         To Encourage positive interaction with local community at large.
·          Work for the development of the local Muslim community.
·          Promote greater understanding and awareness of Islam within the local community.
 At Alnoor madrasah, it is our objective to provide healthy and rewarding learning environment for Muslims students. The Madrasah is open  Mon to Thu which is known as weekday Madrasah, and Sat and Sun which is known as weekend Madrasah.

Muslim children growing in the UK are facing diverse challenges and conflicting pressures at Madrasahs and in friend circles. They are constantly influenced by mainstream youth culture.  It is difficult to isolate them from these influences and it is painful to let them sway into the mainstream.  Excessive consumerism, peer pressure, media culture, Internet, and technology confuses the youngsters’ mind about their ideal objective in life. We admit parents are the main source to instil moral and values in their children. However, parents can do only so much. We admit madaris have a responsibility to instil Islamic ideologies in the youths. Again, madaris can do only so much. It is tough job to help them balance their Islamic identity with their ‘British’ identity.  
 We do not want to stop trying. We hope madrasah Alnoor will be able to help Muslim students appreciate and understand Islam – its rich heritage, principles, values, teachings. We hope the Madrasah will be able to provide stepping stones for the youngsters so that they understand and accept Islam as the chosen ‘way’ of their lives. Our success will be measured years later if these youths grow up and say: thank you, you made a difference in my life!  

 We are working towards that day. This guide is designed to help parents, teachers, students what to expect from the Madrasah and what the Madrasah expects from them.   

Our request to the parents – please invest in your child. They are precious!