Monday, 8 December 2014

Dear Ayoub,

Yesterday was the first day of our Big Give Challenge. Having made a donation myself, I can see why they call it a challenge! I made my donation as soon as possible after 10am - and the matched funding was already running out. After just 41 minutes, all the matching funds had been allocated for the day.

Thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday morning and made a donation. If you tried to make a donation but found the funds had closed for the day, please do try again this morning at 10am. With the help of supporters like you, we can raise enough to fund 3 full classes of women to take part in our year-long training programme.

Please make your donation today through The Big Give at 10am. Your gift will be matched £1 for £1, making it worth twice as much at no extra cost to you.

The money we raise will make a real difference to women survivors of war. I know this to be true, because I have had the privilege of meeting the women we work with in countries such as Rwanda, Kosovo, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. They tell me of the challenges they face, but also their amazing achievements after completing our programme.

"Since attending the programme, my life has changed. I am more self-confident, more courageous to speak and to manage my life and my family. Today I go out when I need to go, and I no longer ask for permission. I now ask for opinions, but I know that in the end the decisions are mine." Emine, Kosovo

I really hope you will join me and make a donation todayso we can support more women like Emine.

 Thank you for your dedication to the women we serve.

With deepest gratitude,

P.S. The matching funds run out fast, so please make your donation as close to 10am as possible. 
I want to make a donation today