Friday, 5 December 2014

By Ayoub Mzee –London

Miss happiness is  in  town in time for the festive season, the she  will experience the famous Christmas spirit that can be found in England's capital city. For a little over 3 weeks, the contestants will experience the wonder of England's vibrant multicultural metropolis whilst she  takes part in the Miss World Challenge Events and prepare herself  for the Big Final!
Events start from 20th November, culminating in the Grand Final on 14th December. She  is  in  high  spirit and  for  the  first  time  ,  Tanzania  has  a  big  chance  of becoming  one  of  the  big  three.
Tanzanians and friends of Tanzania, there is  so  much  you  can  do to help  her out:

So how does it work?

Simply download the Miss World App, and you will find you have three slots available for your vote. Once you have decided who your top three are, you can lock in your vote and voila!, you have helped your favourite contestants on their way to being the People’s Choice Award Winner! The winner of the People’s Choice Award is announced during the latter stages of the Miss World Final, and the winner, if she is not already selected, will join the final few contestants on stage. These contestants will then face the judges questions before the winner of Miss World 2014 is announced!

How many votes do I get?

This year, you will be allowed one set of three votes, with a bonus set of three votes if you choose to subscribe to the app, which also includes the full Miss World TV coverage of the competition. The most votes any one contestant can receive from an individual is 2 votes. Each set of votes must be for 3 different contestants.

I can’t find the voting page on the App, am I doing something wrong?

Voting begins on the 20th of November. Until then you will not be able to vote for your favourite contestant. This is to ensure no votes are lost if a contestant has to pull out at the last minute!

I haven’t decided yet who my 3rd favourite is, when do I have to submit my vote?

Don’t worry! You have plenty of time to decide. The app will hold onto your choices until you make your final submission. Voting closes one hour after the start of the Miss World Final Show. Once you have submitted your votes, there is no going back, so make sure you vote right!

The  time  is  now  to  support  Tanzania  beauty  at  the  world  stage.