Saturday, 20 December 2014

AU Commission Chief of Staff inspires Youth Volunteers, calls for an African revolution in mindset

Debreizeit, ETHIOPIA - 12 December 2014 - Chief of Staff to the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, H.E. Jean-Baptiste NATAMA, made an impromptu visit to the Training of the fifth batch of African Union Youth Volunteers in Debreizeit, Ethiopia. Rounding up a two-week training at the Bonita Youth Development Training Center, the interaction with the new batch of young volunteers, left them highly motivated and inspired to go out and make a change, for the greater good of the continent.   

“As youth, you must move away from the conventional “truth”, dare tell our African story, and take responsibility for your destiny and that of the continent. Africa must dominate the world and become the next frontier. You must make it happen.” Ambassador Natama told the youth who spared no opportunity to ask the tough questions regarding the plight of the continent’s youth.

H.E Natama told the youth that investing in them is a top priority of the AU Commission, and its Agenda 2063, as envisioned by the Chairperson of the AU Commission. He reminded the youth of the very important values of Pan-Africanism, Ubuntu, hard work and humility, essential in the rediscovery of the African identity and development of the continent as a whole.

Toby FAYOYIN, one of the 50 youth volunteer from Nigeria said the interactive session took him to a totally new level, crowning two exciting weeks of interactive learning. “After spending these two weeks with friends from 28 countries, the meaning of African integration came to life. The conversations with the Chief of Staff glued everything I learned.” He shared his excitement.

“Amb. Natama has encouraged us to be leaders in our own communities. He has inspired me and others to reflect the Pan African vision by leading to a change of mindset to ensure we are all winners in the new Africa” Refka DAHMENI from Tunisia said.

The training of AU Youth Volunteers prepares them for a one year placement in various organizations across the continent contributing to the achievement of the African Union vision of an integrated, prosperous Africa that is governed by its own citizens.

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