Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Meet  TEAM  MADRASATUL  AQSA led  by  Ustadh  Ally  Khamis(in  white  coat).Thank  you  for  your  dedication  to  our  children s'  education

Preparations  for  the  Mayoral  visit .This  is  how  it  all   started .It  was  hands  on  approach  #Madrasatul  Aqsa  coventry

Ustadh Ally Khamisi told the audience about  the journey of the Madrasa  to where it is today. He said it has been a focal point of the community especially in social, cultural and spiritual matters. He went on to say that the school needs to expand and move to new premises that will accommodate the huge student population."We are now in the process of buying a new place which will act as our community center , Prayer house and , supplementary school"