Monday, 6 October 2014

MADRASATUL  AQSA in Coventry was honored  to  host  the  Mayor  of  Coventry  and  Councillors  at  the  celebrations  of  Eid  .The  Head  of school  Mr  Ally  Khamisi  was  able  to  update  the  guests  on  the  progress  of  the  Masjid  project.
Intended Community   center  facilities.
 Adequate Parking facilities.
   Social facilities like:
• A club-room where adult men can retire and enjoy a bit of peace, particularly the elderly
Ones? Somewhere to sit and chat, read their papers 
• Something for the teenagers in the evening? – table tennis, snooker, darts, computer with
Games, etc.
• crèche facilities/ ‘kids’ club’ – somewhere mothers could drop off their infants for a couple of
Hours, so that they could shop, have a rest
• Young mother’s social club.
• Discussion groups.
• Cafeteria facilities 

 Meet Ustadh  Ally  Khamisi,  head  of  school  Madrasatul  Aqsa-Coventry West  Midlands
 Student  of the  supplementary  school  reading  a  school  report  to  the Lord  Mayor of  Coventry
 Student  Aliyah  doing  her  presentation to  the  Lord  Mayor  and  invited  guests

The Lord  Mayor  was   there to  see  that  outstanding students  have  their  day
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