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MARCH 2012
Sayeeda Warsi
Dear ayoub,
Politicians should always be judged on what they do, not what they say. At the General Election we made you promises; we put them into a contract with the British people and signed it very publicly. You can see it on our website. Two years on, we're going to be just as up front about how we are getting on with delivering on those promises.
Now, I know we haven't got everything right, but we have made a strong start. You can see how we are getting on at We're tackling the debt, helping with the cost of living, increasing spending on the NHS, and raising standards in schools - just as we promised.
Of course, there are areas where we need to work harder and there is a lot more to do. But I hope you'll agree that we are making progress, and continue to hold us to account.
Tonight sees the launch of our new Party Political Broadcast. In it, David Cameron talks about our progress and how we are making politics, and politicians, more accountable.
The broadcast will be shown tonight (Wednesday) on BBC1 (at 18:55), BBC2 (at 17:55) and ITV (at 18:25), but you can watch it below now:
I do hope you'll take a few minutes to watch this film, as well as forwarding it to all your friends and family.
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The Company
BEN is a Black and Ethnic oriented, urban, diverse and cosmopolitan Family Channel, established to provide a wholesome mix of entertaining, educative and informational programmes suitable for family viewing. It also includes a range of cultured programming to empower, transform and challenge the conventional perception of Africa, Caribbean and African-descendants in Diaspora. “Bridging the Gap”.
A major differentiation and what sets BEN apart from other channels is its positive general black-oriented, youthful and diverse cultural-educational programming format along with its enlightening current affairs shows which serve to throw light on issues plaguing the African-Caribbeans and the African Continent especially through our major content scheduling in Nigeria.

The UK is estimated to have an ethnic population count of more than 3 million which represents about 6% of its total population. This in addition to the Ethnic population in Europe and Americas, North Africa and globally gives a strong consumer presence to which BEN Television reaches.

The primary target audience is and rational to about 6% of the daily growing audience of more than 10 million homes in Britain who uses Satellite and Digital reception and accessible to millions across the world –
BEN is free to air, with a core cultured influence that provides a window into Africa and a link to “home” for Nigerians, Congolese, Ghanaians, South Africans, East Africans, Africans and the black in Diaspora. BEN showcases diverse content and reaches out to an audience profile that is intelligent and affluent with increasing economic net worth.
We are here to promote understanding and diversity of tolerance between communities and to create as well as develop employment opportunities for our people, which is demonstrate through many of our training, internship, volunteer schemes to people who wish to begin a career in media or television.
Available research in the UK amongst BEN’s target audience has focused our general entertainment offering on the following genres: News and Current Affairs, Comedy, Films and Soaps content and spiced with Music videos and Sports. BEN has distilled the programming to the right mix that appeals to a broad spectrum of its target audience and the expansion will consolidate its enviable place in advertising marketplace.
BEN also has a presence in cyber space with our Internet Radio available through link to listeners worldwide and the live streaming online at
BEN prides itself as a channel presenting African Policy positions and views with its coverage of major African initiatives like the live broadcast of The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) initiative of the African Union (AU), Africa Business Roundtable events as well as other major African political and private sectors’ initiatives and projects such as The AGOA Conferences, World African Business Congress, Presidential Elections, and many more.
Whilst in the UK home territory, BEN have been  producing and partnering major organizations such as CITY of London’s Mayor for the African date events, working and produced for UNESCO (slave trade); UNIDO, UNICEF, LBDA, The Queen’s Forces Ethnic documentaries, Music Awards and Concerts, Products launching and promotion from financial institutions, just to mentioned few; creating and delivering economically and fair priced corporate contents  for usage on DVD, MiniDV Tape and VHS (as where applicable) for the organisations while providing much low budget production for voluntary and charitable businesses.
We are fully focused to producing high quality contents and programmes attracting international broadcaster’s interest to rebroadcast them on their channels across the World. Our live studio in central London uses top International Digital state of the art equipments with four cameras and another online real-time broadcasting studio in North London. We use Newtek Video Toasters, AVID, ADOBE FINAL CUT, and PREMIER Digital non-linear. Sony Cameras and Canon are part of the equipments we use for outside broadcast in real time.
BEN Television recognises the expectations of our core black & ethnic segment and strives to provide a service that meets the demand of this niche market.

Please  call  07960811614 for  coverage  enquiries or   email: