Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mark  my  words -Is this the  next  president  of  Nigeria?
This  is Aminu Waziri Tabuwali the  current  speaker  of  the  Nigeria  house  of  representatives.The National Assembly is Nigeria’s bicameral legislature and the highest elective law-making body of the country. It consists of the 109-member Senate and the 360-member House of Representatives. The term of the National Assembly is 4-years from the date of its first sitting after the general elections.
He  may  run  for  presidency  under  theAll Progressive Congress (APC)  party  ticket
Regarded as a possible game changer, Tambuwal is said to have the backing of some of APC leaders including the former governor of Lagos State Bola Tinubu because of his age and the impression of integrity he has created in the mind of some Nigerians. He is also seen in some quarters as the only candidate the APC can sell to all geo-political zones of Nigeria without the usual moral and religious baggage identifiable with some others.