Monday, 17 November 2014

By Ayoub  Mzee
 Meet Devota Kasanda Mdachi  the Tanzania Tourist  Board ‘s Marketing Director, the first woman to hold this position in  Tanzania. She  is   billed  as  Tanzania’s  most  powerful  business woman  by  Newdeal  Africa – based  in London. It's been a ground breaking year for  her in  business .Within  a  short  time  since  her  appointment   Tanzania’s  fortunes  have  doubled  as  far  as  Tourism  is  concerned in  Tanzania
 Ms. Mdachi will be based in the TTB head office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. More CEOs, more industries, more power, more challenges. That’s the story of Fortune’s 2014 ranking of the 50 Most Powerful Women in ­Business, which features an all-time record of 24 large-company CEOs in its pages. Our women are leading—and in many cases pushing through difficult tran
 She  has been  art of  the  team  that  has  seen Sunderland AFC (SAFC) an English  premiership  club  officially strengthen  its links with the African continent, after cementing its partnership with Tanzania.She  also  oversaw  the ground  breaking deal    between  Tanzania Tourism  and  Stoke  City  English  premiership  club.This  made  Tanzania  the  first  African  coutry  to  dela  with  the  English premiership
 Why  the  English  Premiership? It is the world favourite game. In England, almost 75% of 16 to 50 years old are interested in football, football provides an excellent , entertaining and exciting backdrop to showcase a product and football is played by over 265 million people and still growing. By this Tanzania  will get brand awareness, brand visibility, trust and credibility, web traffic, promotional assets, talent rights, shirt sponsorship, broadcast to 211 countries worldwide with 2.85 billion cumulative audience for all  English games in over 500 million homes alone.And  why  Tourism? Tourism is a key factor in the upward growth of the Tanzanian economy and the partnership uses the global reach of the Barclays Premier League to promote the country as a premier tourist destination. Premier League football is watched in over 200 countries, with accumulative audience of a phenomenal 4.2 billion, making it the most watched sporting league in the world.
 As of now, Sunderland FC has already developed close links with Tanzania, through providing technical and practical support to the development of a football academy project, the first of its kind in the country. The project will see thousands of youngsters benefit from a joined up approach combing football, education and community engagement, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of Sunderland AFC and its own successful academy.
Lazaro S. Nyalandu, MP, Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, is quoted  as  said: “Tanzania Tourist Board is proud to be associated with Sunderland AFC. We believe that the partnership enhances the Board’s efforts in promoting Tanzania to the world and will also help to attract investments and develop sports tourism in Tanzania.”
Did  you  know  that  there  is  now  a  Tanzania  Tourism  app which  is designed for both iPhone and iPad?.Please Kindly  follow  the  link:
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When  contacted   on  how  she  does  it,  she   smiled  and  said  “It  all a  big  team’s  work  and  support of  Government”.

And  for the  first  time  in  English premiership history ,  on  the  29.11.2014 , in  a  match   between  Sunderland  and  Chelsea, Sunderland  Fc  will  wear  Tanzania brand   Jerseys  .