Saturday, 1 March 2014


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26 March 2014, 6.30-8.30 pm 
Conference Room 12

Host: John McDonnell MP
Chair: English Collective of Prostitutes

Proposals to increase the criminalisation of prostitution are being put forward in a number of European countries including the UK.  Increased criminalisation would be a disaster for women’s safety.  The laws already push sex workers into isolation and into danger.  Of the two women recently murdered in London, one was working on the street and one was working indoors alone.

Despite senior police officers acknowledging that “operations to tackle the trade are ‘counterproductive’ and likely to put the lives of women at risk” mass raids against sex workers inSoho, London, have thrown scores of women out of the relative safety of their flats.  Arrests continue against sex workers on the street.  Most of the women are mothers but the impact of arrests and evictions on their ability to support their families is not even being discussed.  
SPEAK OUT: Sex workers from England, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Wales.
REPORT ON: New Zealand which decriminalised sex work 11 years ago and Canada’s Supreme Court which ruled that criminalisation is in breach of sex workers’ human rights.
PLUS: Anti-violence, church, health and legal professionals, red-light residents, students.
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Event supported by: Legal Action for Women, Women Against Rape