Monday, 9 December 2013

Ed Miliband: One Nation Labour is the party of small business and enterprise

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, and Chuka Umunna MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, will tomorrow (Saturday) declare that One Nation Labour intends to fight the next election as the party of enterprise and small business.

On a visit to local shops and events to mark Small Business Saturday in Crystal Palace in south London, Mr Miliband will show how Labour is changing and putting the dynamism of new enterprise at the heart of the party’s economic strategy to re-establish the link between growth and living standards.

Mr Miliband will praise Mr Umunna for opening up One Nation Labour to new enterprise and bringing the idea of Small Business Saturday to the UK from America. 

And he will highlight Labour’s key pledges to help the firms who will the bring new jobs and wealth of the future: 

1. Labour will cut business rates for 1.5 million small business properties

2. Labour will freeze energy bills saving the typical small business £5,000 

3. Labour will fix finance for business with a network of regional banks 

4. Labour will boost skills so that business and young people are equipped with the knowledge and training they need to succeed

5. Labour will be tough on late payers and ensure government sets the best example. 


Ed Miliband is expected to say:

“British families and businesses are facing a cost-of-living crisis. 

“Across the political agenda it is now One Nation Labour which is setting the agenda – tackling the cost-of-living crisis facing families and businesses. 

“It was Chuka Umunna who brought Small Business Saturday to Britain and I am delighted that other parties are joining us in celebrating the shops, the workshops and the Digital start-ups which will power Britain forward into the future. 

“It is One Nation Labour which recognised that small firms need help with escalating business rates and soaring energy costs, just as big firms have had cuts in corporation tax. 

“It is One Nation Labour which recognises that if we are to build prosperity for the long term we must give real help to the many businesses which will create most of the jobs and the wealth of the future - not just a few. 

“That is why Labour is changing so that we can go into the next election as the party of small business and enterprise. 

“One Nation Labour: offering real help to firms on energy costs and business rates, with plans to reset our energy market, open up capital to invest in regional economies and get ready for a Digital future, cracking down on late payment and equipping our young people with the skills that they and you need to succeed.”

Chuka Umunna is expected to say:

“The UK’s first ever Small Business Saturday is set to be the biggest celebration of small business this country has ever seen. 

“Having seen what a huge difference Small Business Saturday has made in the USA, I was determined to see a British version and a broad coalition of businesses, business organisations and local councils has been brought together to make this a reality.

“There are fantastic events taking place in communities right across the country, encouraging people to buy from local independent shops and recognising the huge contribution which small businesses make.”