Sunday, 17 July 2011

What is Community Cohesion?
Community Cohesion is what must happen in all communities to help different groups of people get on well together through the integration of new and existing residents. This is excatly , what the Tanzania High commissioner in London H.E PETER KALLAGHE with his Madam were doing at the Tanzania Diaspora event

The Tanzania mission's vision of an integrated and cohesive community is based on three foundations:

■People from different backgrounds having similar life opportunities in the Diaspora
■People knowing their rights and responsibilities
■People trusting one another

And three key ways of living together:
■A shared future vision and sense of belonging
■A focus on what new and existing communities have in common, alongside a recognition of the value of diversity
■Strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds

The Tanzania High commissioner H.E PETER KALLAGHE with his wife opening the dance at the Tanzania Diaspora come together in London