Friday, 6 August 2010

The Daily Telegraph


•COVER STORY: 'Police to get new device to trap drug drivers'
The Government will announce today that within two years there will be testing devices at every police station to catch motorists driving under the influence of drugs; the move comes after it was found that 10% of 18-29 year olds admitted last year that they drove after taking illegal drugs. (Link)
•'Cameron's Iran nuclear gaffe P.2

PM Cameron during an event in Brighton claimed that 'Iran has got a nuclear weapon,' an obvious mistake that Downing Street had to admit was a misspoken conclusion. (Link)
•'Woman's Hour £205,000 grant to fight terrorism' P.6

The Government's counter-terrorism budget has given BBC Women's Hour an enormous sum to create a special edition called Afghan Women's Hour similar to a series originally done by Radio 4.
•'Mumbai terror group aids flood victims' P.16

The militant group LeT has set up a relief camp in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to provide shelter, aid, and food to over 20,000 people each day in the wake of Pakistan's floods; western governments are dismayed that militant aid groups have been amongst the first on the scene to help. (Link)
•'Saddam's former minister calls for US to stay in Iraq' P.18

Tariq Aziz, who was once the face of Saddam's regime, has called for US troops to stay and not leave Iraq 'to its death' - he also said that they were victims of America and Britain who 'killed' Iraq in many ways, but that rather than leaving it to die they should correct their mistake. Al-Qaeda, meanwhile, has been exploiting the cracks between Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish groups whose lack of concord has left the country without a government. (Link)

The Guardian


•COVER STORY: 'Saddam's deputy: US troop pullout will destroy Iraq'

Saddam Hussein's loyal deputy, Tariq Aziz, has accused Barack Obama of "leaving Iraq to the wolves" by pressing ahead with a withdrawal of combat troops in the face of festering instability and a surge in violence. In his first interview since he was captured shortly after the fall of Baghdad more than seven years ago, Iraq's former deputy prime minister and long-time face to the world said the United States would devastate Iraq if it continued to withdraw its combat forces. (Link)

•'Zardari holds low-key talks amid criticism over UK visit' P.8

The controversial visit to the UK by Pakistan's president, Asif Ali Zardari, came under further scrutiny last night after his son and political heir announced that he would spend Saturday working to help the victims of the country's devastating floods, whom his father has been accused of neglecting. (Link)

•'Music of the bazaar is silenced as fear of Taliban bombers subdues Jalalabad' P.18

Fear is spreading that Taliban members, who believe secular music to be un-Islamic, are closely monitoring the city's moral climate. It has caused formerly thriving record stores to close down to avoid potential attacks. (Link)

•'South Punjab 'like a giant lake' as floods worsen' P.23

Floodwater rushing down through Pakistan devastated new areas yesterday, flooding parts of southern Punjab and forcing mass evacuations in Sindh. (Link)

•'Pentagon increases pressure on WikiLeaks to return military files' P.23

The Pentagon has demanded that WikiLeaks immediately erase the huge cache of secret US military files about the Afghan war it has posted online and hand over another 15,000 classified records in its possession. (Link)

•'Back in the picture: ruined West Bank cinema reopens after $1m restoration' P.24

For two years a team of local Palestinians and international volunteers has laboured to build a new cinema, Cinema Jenin, from the dilapidated shell of the old movie house, which shut its doors 23 years ago during the first intifada. (Link)

The Times


•COVER STORY: 'NHS sheds 11,000 jobs, with many more at risk'

The scale and speed of cuts to the NHS became apparent yesterday as confirmed job losses this year reached 11,000 and union leaders threatened to take the Government to a judicial review over the pace of reform.
•'Cameron dismissed officials' objections to Gaza remarks' p.6
David Cameron waved aside Foreign and Commonwealth Office objections to his description of Gaza as a prison camp, it emerged yesterday as he began a face-to-face effort to defuse the row over his claim that Pakistan was exporting terrorism.
•'Save my wife, says lawyer who fled Iran over stoning case' p.11
The human rights lawyer forced to flee Iran for defending a woman sentenced to death by stoning appealed yesterday for international pressure to save his client and end his own wife’s imprisonment.
•'Galloway films interview with ‘moderate’ President' p.11

George Galloway has conducted an interview with Iran’s President that will, he says, show that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not an extremist.
•'Muslim leaders criticise council’s halal-only meat for secondary schools'p.14
Plans to offer school dinners containing only halal meat to thousands of pupils have met with criticism from Islamic leaders.

•OPINION: Ed Hussain: 'How to stop the import – and export – of terror'p.21

Cameron must not go soft on Pakistan. But he should also admit there are problems with British Muslims.
•'To protect and survive: the rookie police who must face the Taleban' p.25
Armed with a battered AK47 and eight weeks’ basic training Abdul Razaqh is about to take on perhaps the most dangerous job in law enforcement.

The Independent


•COVER STORY: 'Has the internet just sold its soul? Google deal threatens to end sacred principle of 'net neutrality''

Google stood accused last night of betraying the founding principles of the internet, as it readied a deal that will abandon key parts of its support for "net neutrality", which has guaranteed equal access to the worldwide web since its inception. (Link)

•''More than four million' hit by flooding in Pakistan' P.6

Pakistan's worst floods in 80 years have killed at least 1,600 people and affected the lives of more than four million, the UN said yesterday. (Link)

•'PM to explain comments to Pakistan's President today' P.17

David Cameron came face to face with Pakistan's President, Asif Ali Zardari, last night, but an explanation for his controversial remarks about the export of terrorism had to wait as the Prime Minister will hold talks today at Chequers with Mr. Zardari, whose visit to Britain has gone ahead despite the disaster cause by heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan, and the threat of a diplomatic rift set off by Mr. Cameron's comments last week. (Link)

•'I'm sorry I misspoke, says Cameron after accusing Iran of having nuclear weapon' P.17

Having got his history of the Second World War wrong recently, David Cameron blundered over current affairs yesterday when he claimed Iran had developed a nuclear weapon. His aides admitted that he "misspoke" during a question-and-answer session with the public when he was asked why he was supporting Turkey's interested in joining the European Union. (Link)

Al Jazeera


•COVER STORY: 'Pakistani exodus as floods spread'

Over 500,000 people from southern Pakistan have been evacuated by the Government as the numbers of affected individuals rise. Severe flood warnings have been issued for Karachi. (Link)

•'Nato admits Afghan civilian deaths'

Nato has admitted killing Afghan civilians on Thursday in an air strike attack while battling the Taliban in the country's eastern provinces.' (Link)

•'Zardari to confront UK's Cameron'

Pakistan's President Zardari has vowed to confront PM Cameron today over his comments in India about Pakistan's stance on terror, but the plan is to discuss the comments, the current situation, and what can be done to improve it going forward. (Link)

•'Aziz: US is leaving Iraq to wolves'

Saddam Hussein's former deputy prime minister has claimed that Obama is leaving Iraq 'to the wolves' with his plans to pull troops out and insisted that the US and UK need to correct their 'mistake' in beginning the war in Iraq. (Link)

The Daily Mail


•LEAD STORY: 'Cameron: Iran has a nuclear weapon' P.4

David Cameron was facing questions over his diplomatic style after claiming that Iran is in possession of nuclear weapons. (Link)

•'Teen soldier who met Beckham loses both legs in Afghan bombing.' P.10

A teenage soldier who met David Beckham has lost both his legs in a Taliban bomb blast. Private Ryan Hewitt suffered horrific injuries when a booby trap device exploded beneath him when he was on patrol.' (Link)

•'Parents' outrage over halal-only school dinners' P.24

A council has triggered a backlash among parents and animal welfare groups after introuding halal-only menus at state schools. (Link)

•'Iraq will go to the wolves if US quits says Aziz' P.30

Saddam Hussein's former right hand man Tariq Aziz has accused Barack Obama of 'leaving Iraq to the wolves' by pulling out combat troops from the country. (Link)

The Evening Standard (5th)


•COVER STORY: 'Naomi: 'I was given blood diamonds... but thought they were dirty pebbles''

Supermodel Naomi Campbell revealed to a war crimes court that the former dictator of Liberia Charles Taylor gave her 'blood diamonds' after a charity dinner in 1997. (Link)

•'Afghan 'sorry' for killing three soldiers' P.4

The Afghan soldier who killed three British soldiers at their base is said to have telephoned his family to express remorse.

•'Pakistan's leader defends UK visit as floods spread' P.4

President Zardari defended his decision to stay in Britain for his meeting with David Cameron despite the flooding crisis currently affecting Pakistan. (Link)

•'Iran sanction busting costs bank £200 million' P.35

Barclays took a near £200 million hit for busting sanctions against Iran imposed by the United States between 2002 and 2007. (Link)

The Metro


•LEAD STORY: 'Cameron's slip up over Iran bomb' P.7

Downing Street has admitted that David Cameron made a mistake when he claimed Iran had a nuclear weapon. The prime minister let slip when he told voters in Hove why he thought Turkey should be allowed to join the EU.

•'Terror top of menu at dinner' P.14

David Cameron met president Asif Ali Zardari yesterday at at informal dinner at Chequers. President Zardari es expected to meet Cameron again today to challenge him over his claims that Pakistan is an exporter of terror.

•'Britain held for wearing bikini in mall' P.20

A British woman has been arrested after stripping down to a bikini in a luxury shopping centre in Dubai. (Link)

•'Beckham soldier loses legs in blast' P.21

A soldier has lost both his legs in a Taliban bomb blast just weeks after David Beckham paid tribute to his bravery on the front line. (Link)

•'Halal-only school meals plan sparks parent anger' P.20

Parents have reacted angrily to a plan to serve halal-only meals to primary school children.

The Sun


•LEAD STORY: 'PM: Bhutto tribute' P.2

David Cameron attempted to mend relations with Pakistan's president at an informal dinner last night with a toast to Asif Ali Zardari's assasinated wife, Benazir Bhutto.

•'500,000 escape flooding' P.2

Officials began evacuating half a million people yesterday as more floods hit Pakistan.

•'Becks squaddie loses both legs' P.7

The sister of a soldier who met David Beckham and then lost both legs in Afghanistan said she was grateful he had come home alive. (Link)

•'Brit Tessa nicked in Dubai strip row' P.23

A British woman has told how she was arrested after a veiled Muslim woman accused her of slipping down to a bikini in a luxury shopping centre in Dubai. (Link)

•'PM gaffe over Iran' P.28

Labour accused David Cameron of making another dangerous mistake last night after the prime minister claimed that Iran had a nuclear weapon.

•'Taxpayer's £200k for BBC show' P.38

The BBC was at the centre of a row yesterday after it was revealed it received £200,000 from the foreign office to counter terrorism. The money was used to make a "woman's hour" radio programme for Afghanistan. (Link)

•'Pupils in halal row' P.39

Parents criticised plans to offer only halal meat to children at secondary schools yesterday. (Link)