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December 2008 E-Alert
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Nicola Perou
Publications Assistant


Low-cost Private Education: Impacts on Achieving Universal Primary Education
Edited by Bob Phillipson

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In recent years developing countries have expanded their government education systems in an attempt to meet the Millennium Development Goals on education by 2015. One consequence has been a dramatic growth in low-cost private education institutions, which are increasingly being seen as a popular alternative to the public education system.

Using independent first-hand research, this study investigates the low-cost private education sector in India , Nigeria and Uganda The contributors explain the mushrooming of these schools and consider the impact they have on access to education for the poor. They argue that with proper regulation, supervision and government support, private schools can help to achieve education for all by filling gaps in public education.

This study will serve as an invaluable resource to anyone interested in educational planning and policy-making in developing countries.

November 2008, 184 pages, Paperback, GBP £20.00, ISBN 978-0-85092-880-8

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Economic Paper Series, Nos 81-84


Gender Impacts of Revenue Collection in India , No 81
By Nirmala Banerjee

Studies on gender-sensitive budgeting have concentrated on the expenditure side of government budgets. Through a case study from India , Nirmala Banerjee explores the other side of the budget – taxes and other means of raising revenue. By highlighting the relative effects of changes in taxation policy on men and on women this study will help to raise awareness of gender among those responsible for planning the tax system, in India and elsewhere.

November 2008, 52 pages Paperback, GBP £15.00, ISBN 978-0-85092-887-7

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Gender Impacts of Revenue Collection in Uganda , No 84
By Nite Tanzarn

Gender responsive budgeting is a key instrument to track how governments are investing in advancing gender equality and equity. While most studies of gender responsive budgeting work so far have examined the expenditure side of the budget, the revenue side is equally important. In this Economic Paper, Nite Tanzarn looks at the revenue and tax system in Uganda , a country that has moved from analysis to action in gender responsive budgeting. This case study will show policy-makers in ministries of finance worldwide how government revenue collection practices affect men and women differently, and how to build an awareness of gender into financial policy.

November 2008, 46 pages Paperback, GBP £15.00, ISBN 978-0-85092-891-4

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Towards a Quantitative Assessment of Aid for Trade, No 83
By Massimiliano Cali and Dirk Willem te Velde

This Economic Paper presents, for the first time, quantitative evidence of the effectiveness of Aid for Trade, the initiative to promote development by providing resources targeted at boosting involvement in international trade by developing countries. It suggests which types of Aid for Trade measures are likely to be particularly effective
November 2008, 36 pages Paperback, GBP £15.00, ISBN 978-0-85092-889-1

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Quantifying Aid for Trade: A Case Study of Tanzania , No 82
By Liz Turner

Efforts to boost international trade as a means to foster eco­nomic growth, known as Aid for Trade, have become an im­portant issue for both aid do­nors and recipients. However, significant ambiguity remains regarding what is and what is not Aid for Trade. Given the high profile of the Aid for Trade initiative, to which many donors have specified commitments, it is important that an effective method is developed to establish a clear border between Aid for Trade and other types of aid.

November 2008, 46 pages Paperback, GBP £15.00, ISBN 978-0-85092-888-4

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Civil Society

Putting Culture First: Commonwealth perspectives on culture and development
By Andrew Firmin and Mark Nowottny

Across the Commonwealth, people are instinctively expressing and making the most of their culture and creative resources. Governments and citizens, however, have rarely been able to pin down exactly how culture is being used for development, and have therefore rarely been able to offer necessary support to individuals, cultural practitioners and civil society organisations.

This report is a first step at the Commonwealth level to recognise the value of culture, and to begin to untangle some of the many ways in which culture is linked to

A Commonwealth Foundation title.

November 2008, 64 pages, Paperback , GBP £10.00, ISBN 978-0-903850-33-9

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The Implications of High Food and Energy Prices for Economic Management: Perspectives from Civil Society in the Commonwealth

This report aims to assess the impact of rising food and energy prices on achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It analyses the impact of the current crisis in achieving MDG 1 (reducing poverty and hunger), identifies the countries and vulnerable groups most affected by it, and recommends policy actions to overcome the challenges derived from the crisis.

The report also contains the civil society statement from the consultation on the 2008 Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting (CFMM), held in Castries , St Lucia ,
8-10 July 2008, ahead of the 2009 Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting itself.

A Commonwealth Foundation title.

November 2008, 30 pages, Paperback, GBP £10.00, ISBN 978-0-903850-32-2

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Human Rights in the Commonwealth: A Status Report
Small Change or Real Change?: Commonwealth Perspectives on Financing Gender Equality

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